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Video Game Music Compilation 52 - The Raze 2 Special!


Out of all the flash game genres, I have a special place for arena shooters. Strike Force Heroes, Plasma Burst, and of course, my personal favorite, Raze. Raze was the first of the genre I've played, and still remains to be a favorite. Raze 2, however, is Raze 1, but plus one (making it Raze 2, see?). Raze 2 added so much to the series, and just did so much right, the OST being no exception. Each piece is awesome, expressing just the right tone and adding to the entire atmosphere of the game. So why waste any more time? Let's do this, boys and girls!

Throwdown - Raze 2

Boy, if this music doesn't make you just wanna, well, throw down. It's groovy, mixing synth and drum beats in a perfectly paced beat. All the instruments play so well with each other in such a fun fashion that I can't help but get a little pep in my step just listening to it. All the changes of pace are welcome and help keep the song lively and vibrant. It's this energy that makes running and gunning so much fun while the song plays. C'mon, admit: just listening to it makes you just wanna jump around and blast some poor sucker with a grenade launcher, no?

Warhead - Raze 2

Yup, definitely sounds like you're in a war zone. Using a variety of instruments, all clashing all together in very well orchestrated ways, this piece definitely works wonders when balancing serious and lighthearted vibes. It's sounds so hectic and dangerous, yet still manages to keep that upbeat vibe that I love so much. It's style is a fast-pace paired with a lot going on, and man is it just impressive how it all works so dang well. Bits and pieces are just so catchy that I love it when they repeat, yet don't feel bad when they don't because they're replaced by another fun beat. It's a lot through most of it, but with all that chaos comes a fun energy that I can't help but enjoy in a firefight.

Necromancy - Raze 2

Almost menacing, this one is a ball. Expressing solid Halloween-esque vibes, it's just enough synth beats with the rapid-fire drums to have a unique Raze style to it. The chimes in the beginning was especially spooky, and help lead into a series of rad synth melodies that give off the atmosphere reminiscent to a few things, from aliens to Transylvania. It's fast paced, just like most Raze songs, but has much more slower moments that the last two. Surprisingly enough, it still works pretty well in game, especially on the missions where you're fighting zombies in the abandoned buildings levels. Boy, then it fits oh so beautifully.

Infernal Signs - Raze 2

Now for a much slower piece. The piano? Perfect. The chimes? Perfect. The vocals? Perfect. Every instrument used was well implemented and well orchestrated. The bass blaring and even the 90's style record scratching was awesome and fitting to both the game and the tone the piece was going for. Wanna get creeped out by atmosphere alone? Think about fighting abnormally intelligent alien and human zombies to this track. This one isn't really all that fast, being a bit heavier than most, but oh baby does it still work and work well.

The Loop That Wasn't - Raze 2

This one is something of a mixture of the first few pieces' upbeat vibe and the last one's serious tone, landing in between and sounding almost similar to Fort Minor's Remember the Name once the drums and violins kick in. It's a rather chill one, with slow instruments to juxtapose all the quicker ones. It's got a relaxed pace but still builds atmosphere beautifully, sounding very calm but powerful. It's mix of drum beats that I'd otherwise hear in some rap song and the beautiful swing instruments work so well together and compliment each other to make a song that, while it uses zero synth, still fits the Raze 2 OST so well.

Rose at Nightfall - Raze 2

This one I specifically saved for last, because dear lord is it so great. If you didn't know of the wonderful genre known as orchestral rock, now you do and now you're blessed. Being easily my favorite track in the game and one of my favorite boss battle themes ever, the mixture of electric guitar, violins, drums, vocals, and an array of brass instruments is so superbly composed that it's crazy. It's serious yet awesome, making the one-on-one boss battle so damn intense that when you get into a good groove you feel like such a badass. You feel like you can just kick the world's ass, and boy lemme tell you now: that is a fun feeling. And that's really what this song is; despite being so epic and badass, it's also just really fun and awesome.

So other you have it. That's the magnificent OST to a magnificent game. Shout-Out to all of the different guys on NewGrounds who contributed to this game's music. I for one definitely appreciate it!

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