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Regarding Dreamweaver


A lot of folks are missing the guy right now, and as we are a community, you all have questions. Hopefully this post will help answer those questions, as we are all a family and you have a right to know. Dream has been here a long time now. He is a beloved member of this community, but it's no secret that he had issues. Over the past year, his threats of suicide grew more and more frequent. This upset folks naturally. More folks than I can count, reached out to him, offered help and advice, and to my knowledge (and from what I hear), were mostly ignored. There is a small subset of folks however, who are affected differently by his statements. These folks are depressed, and suicidal themselves, and Dream's posts have upset those folks and in one case, almost acted as a push. I'm sorry, but as I said to someone else tonight, one man's pain, cannot become everyone's. Especially if it holds the potential to possibly cause someone else harm. So in regards to his suspension, that's the gist of it. His posts were scary and harmful to not only himself, but others as well. Here's the part I can't stress enough though: no one is mad at Dream. We all just want him to get help or talk to someone. His suspension would be over right now, if he just answered an email. Call it tough love, but it is love driving our actions. It's not just love for Dream though, it's love and worry for all of you. I truly believe his actions and statements were hurting the whole community, and certain people very deeply. I'm sorry, but that's not ok. I can't stress enough that this decision has been mulled over for a long time. Months upon months. Discussion after discussion. The entire community team and Papa Niero himself. Dream wil always be welcome here, and we are so grateful for everything he does. Dream if you're by any chance reading this, please respond to one of the emails you've been sent recently. We all just want to help, and for you to be well. At the very least, set aside this need to broadcast it so openly, and possibly hurt or set off others. There are plenty of ways to express your feelings less openly... Just fucking talk to us man. Please.

This post is made up from own words. Please understand this a statement from me as a CM. Other CM's may see events differently, or not agree. I don't speak for everyone, but we did agree a statement should be made.

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