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SMACH Z: There comes a new Challeger for the Switch!!!!


It's all hope and dreams for many Nintendo fans and gamers alike and the community already has something to say about it. The finally revealed Nintendo Switch has caused mainly good feelings, but not without concerns, as details like touchscreen capability and battery life remains a mystery, but what if I told you that there is already a new competitor? well, HERE IT IS! the Smach Z is in the works!


The Smach Z has been recently kickstarted and successfully funded, so now it’s a matter of WHEN it might be released! It chooses AMD SoC to make it possible to play PC games on the go, and boast that it will accomplish that while cooling off the system passively, which is a contrast to the Switch as it has a Vent Exhaust at the top of the console. Also, they written from the start that it Has touchscreen capability and that it's battery it's aimed to endure 5 Hours of gameplay, but, (there's a but), I think this WILDLY vary depending on how demanding the game in question is, so it better delivers or has alternatives, cuz Dying in the middle of the action because you don't have the charger nearby, it's a total bummer.

While it doesn't has the Joy-Con flexibility aimed at, this console looks more familiar and for personal use, as it looks more like a Steam Controller had a baby with the Wii U's gamepad and it's son took the screen of it's mother and the control scheme of it's father. Speaking of Steam, this game system main selling point is that it has it's Better run for the go By going Linux and you don't have to buy your Steam Games again, although it won't be using OSteam, and rather a custom Linux called SMACH Z OS so it can better run all the components of the handheld, since it notes that Porting Windows 10 on the apparatus has it's problems has the author wrote "However we won't be able to adapt the OS to our console, so it may not be as easy to use as the Linux based system." Which, if Microsoft takes notes, might be a gold opportunity to dig in the NX Hype and make something about that "Windows 10 ecosystem" that they say a lot lately (that in my opinion, it might kill the xbox brand, but maybe I am wrong).

It also includes a cool sketch of how the console might look once all it's said and done, right here, and I have to say, it's Looks cool but if it has the same long learning curve and little jidjabits that prevented the steam controller to be the control to control'em all, theeeen it's might worth to wait, unless it became the ultimate tablet/pc that also has games on it. Id Dig that better that Nintendo's gamble it it´s successful.

There's also the dangers of kickstarting things to take into consideration, as some of us learned the hard way (I wrote this because I did fund it, but not regret it. Though I will be more cautious about it). Despite All, in all, it's a good day to be a Gamer, and if these became "dreams come true", then I will definitively look forward the SMACH Z....if it has at least 1 D-Pad, that's its, or face buttons like the NX, I mean, Switch. Put your thoughts in the comments.


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