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It's good to be back.


Writing again, I mean. The first blog I posted in awhile was front paged, and that was a real confidence boost.

See, I had written anything in nearly a year, but a guy I work with encouraged me to get back on the horse. So I did. And it's been very enjoyable. 

I've started a novel as well. That's going to be, uh, interesting. But sometimes my ideas and words and whatnot are not exactly what I want to write for my small following here at Destructoid. Sometimes I just want to rant, and have decided that unless I have a really solid, good idea for a blog that this is not the place to be doing it. I don't think that's dishonest; I want to better control the quality of my work.

Last year, there was a month where I put out a blog every goddamn day. Every day. That was more than excessive and burned me out. I had a lot of ideas and wanted to produce a lot of work, but it was a thow everything approach that left me really drained.

So that being said I've created a new place for people to enjoy my insanity when it gets a little more raw, a little less filtered and structured. Because I'm happy to say there are people who like the way I write, like my voice. I'll be posting consistently here, but not as frequently as last year. So if you like my content and want just a little more of it, I'd appreciate the support.

I Have No Life and I Must Game

So just wanted to say thanks to the Destructoid staff for liking my work. And thanks to Destructoid in general. It makes me happy to see people enjoying my writing even though I was deathly afraid to start sharing it again. My personal blog will also link to anything else I post on the web (though when it comes to games it's almost always here anyways) and updates on anything else I happen to be doing. Because I'm internet famous now. At least, my mom added me to Facebook, so someone is paying attention.

Here also is a picture of a dog pooping on a keyboard I really like and laugh at every time I look at it which is several times a day for the last week. Thanks guys.

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