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Tell me about your Spoopy Halloween Plans


It’s that time of the year again.

There’s a chill in the air, the night grows long and dark, and the kids won’t stop knocking on the door asking you where your money is. That’s right, it’s Halloween!

Ever since I donned the atire of Darth Vader at age 3, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. While the Christmas season is remarkably great for the food and the presents, I find that my love for the supernatural and the mysterious far outweighs my (pretend) worship of the all-knowing sky-daddy. Not to mention, you spend Christmas getting drunk with family, which is fine, but you know what’s better? Getting drunk with friends! In Costumes! While watching Evil Dead 2!

Groovy indeed, Bruce.

The culture surrounding Halloween is not only great fun to take part in, but did you know there’s an entire genre of games and movies that are absolutely killer for this time of year? This wealth of media allows us to spend the entire month of October shotgunning horror movies and games down our throats, and no one gets to think any less of you for it. Last year, I watched the Evil Dead series for the first time (and laughed my ass off) and played through Alien Isolation (and shit myself). Both of those done by my lonesome, only sporadically interrupted by my girlfriend, who would ask me to come buy groceries with her.

However, we’re a community here at Destructoid, and it’d be a real shame if Halloween came and went again without sharing what we’re all indulging ourselves with!

I posit that lots of you would love to share what you’ve got planned for this season. Well, consider me asking. Leave a comment telling the community what you’re gonna be playing and watching, even if it’s not Halloween related! And if you want to respond in great detail, post it as apart of this month’s Bloggers Wanted: Rituals! I’ll be reading all of them, and posting in it myself in a few days.

Much love everybody, I wish you all a very spooky Halloween!

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