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Super Metroid, possibly the greatest of the series?

This is not a blog "telling" you the game is out on the Virtual Console, sorry I just did. If you are a Metroid fan or a Virtual Console fiend then you would already know it was going to be there at least two weeks ago.

No, this is a post talking about the greatest of the game that is...

Do you remember the first time you came across that box? I remember seeing it in a Nintendo Power magazine and nearly flipped my lid. It had looks and charm and seeing that "Only For" logo on there was cool but didn't quite hit me until my later years (I knew of the Sega Genesis, but didn't think it could compete with Nintendo's Super NES).

Besides the box art, plunging into the game itself was even better! Did you have the original game? I did but I can honestly say that back then, I never beat the game. Sure, it got plenty of time in my old grey box and I did frequent the secret code word to my girl Samus to let her know it was save to slip out of that restricting metal suit that confined her well shaped body that when on for days and...sorry, where was I? Oh yes...I played the first one and my brother had the GameBoy version which I played less of (he was a hog or I wanted color?), but Super Metroid was really the title that made this fanboy smile. Yeah, I said it. FANBOY! What you going to do about it, want to fight?

This game had so many memorable moments in it. The friendly creatures for one. Since Metroid titles have always been about exploring, I felt this was a way for the developers to give you a hint about special power-ups. If it wasn't for that one speeding creature that jumps in the air, I am not sure if I would've known of all the special abilities that came with the Speed Boosters. The environments really pulled you in being new and nostaglic at the right times.

Who could forget the first time seeing the giant Metroid. That thing is huge! And then the final outcome of that Metroid was also very powerful as noted by Chad.

The boss fights were also monsterous in size and epicness. When you first stumbled across the statue of the "four horsemen" (as I like to call them), you knew they would cause you trouble. Which one would you face first and when would they come at you? They are invading your mind!

Mother Brain was even upped since the first time around. I had see pictures of her before and could NEVER see a face. I always watched Captain N: The Game Master and tried to see how that face worked. It wasn't until Super Metroid did I get a good glimpse of Mother Brain and all her greatness. And the ending music was overwhelming and haunting in itself.

Finally the menus were full of win. I can't recall a time where a pause screen or selection screen was so detailed. Even though it was a little impractical, I loved the ability to turn on and off features of your suit. I sometimes would mismatch suits and beams and what not, just cause I could!

If some of this is unfamiliar, check out the Metroid Retrospective 2 where they talk about how great it was and describes the game in good detail.

Metroid has always been a part of my gaming experience and it always will be. I guess that is why I am quite excited for this game to be out. Perhaps the best Metroid game next to the Prime series, yes Corruption is not out yet but I doubt it will be any less of a game. So go buy it as soon as you get the chance! Because I think I am done with writing this...
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