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[Music Blog] I released 2AD16 - III into the wild!


Hello, friends. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I finished and released 2AD16 - III. The album is free to download for a limited time.  It will most likely be free for a week or so, then go up to $3.

For those of you that don't know, the 2ADXX series of albums are what I consider to be "jam" songs. Music that I write mainly for fun, or to see if I can put certain styles of music together. I'm really proud of this one, as for the most part, the songs are various genres. I'd like to fill this blog up by discussing each individual track.

1) Problematic : Written as a chill groove. Problematic was written as a song to "get back into writing music". I had been taking a break, and I recently had to deal with the death of our pet (sudden and unexpected). I needed to write something to give me confidence, and I feel this "predicament" groove works out very well.

2) The Elephant in the Room : Although 2nd on the album, this is actually the 9th track written for the album. I moved it to 2nd because I felt it sounded too similar to track number 8. The original second track was Funeral - The Unthinkable ~for Piano~, which makes more sense to be near the end of the album. This is a great jam you can dance to if you want :P It doesn't refer to the metaphorical elephant in the room, it's actually referring to a specific synth sound I used that reminds me of elephants.

3) Smoke : Probably my least favorite song on the album, although still good enough to share. I'm not fond of the chord progression in the main part, but it has an awesome bridge. I also like the various arpeggios I used throughout.

4) Warrior Spirit : The title "Warrior Spirit" is from a work in progress of mine back in 2010 that I never finished. I wanted to write some epic-sounding with a bagpipe as the lead instrument. Something for an RPG.

5) Dynamo : I really enjoyed writing this song, and it's fun to listen to as well. I wanted to write something fast-paced, with interesting chord progressions, especially the piano part. Seymour had made a wonderful suggestion to simplify the beat during the introduction of the piano, which I WAS going to implement. I had sequenced the beat, tried adding reverb to it, but when I removed the reverb, the project crashed, and I lost the beat. I was annoyed, so I didn't try again. Sorry Seymour ^^

6) Radius Circus : Odd title, fun song. The melody in this song is actually what "Warrior Spirit" used to sound like (loosely). I wrote it as a song that "could be in a Gradius" game.

7) Losing Someone : I wanted to write something really sad with strings and piano. I'm on the autism spectrum, and I can't read emotions very well. I don't actually know if this song can be considered sad or not, but I thought of all the people/animals I've lost throughout my life.

8) Fragments of Existence : The song that sounds similar to The Elephant in the Room, in my opinion. It was written first, so I should be saying Elephant sounds like this song :P Again, I like the arpeggio I used in the main part of the song. I also like how it transitions.

9) Funeral - The Unthinkable ~for Piano~ : Funeral was written as a tribute piece to the cat that I recently lost. I felt that it went really well with The Unthinkable (a song I had been trying to learn on piano, although for this piece, it's sequenced).

10) March of Zars : This was a difficult song to compose for this album. It's supposed to be on AD Infinitum II, but I don't think I'm ever going to get around to that album. The original song was written back in 1997 after my father passed away. Zars is a character from an RPG idea I had growing up. This song is about Zars' empire marching into a battlefield.

So that's the album. I'm going to begin work on Songs for Gamers - DLC Pack 01 soon. If you posted in my previous blog, I saw your comment, and have your information ready for me to compose. I will start composing songs, and letting people know what I come up with. I hope it turns out to be freaking epic, like I feel the rest of Songs for Gamers is. Thank you for reading. I hope you find a song you enjoy.

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