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Alphadeus' Music Discography


Hello, friends. If you don't know who I am, my name is Alphadeus. I love to write music, and I also love to share music. I wanted to write a blog about all of the music I've officially released. So far, from 2011-2016, I've released 21 different albums of original music. I plan on writing more, but future albums may take more time, as I plan on focusing more on writing music, instead of putting together what I call "jams".


While I do sell the music, I am always open to requests for free music. If you enjoy an album, or several, contact me, and I'll set the price to free so you can download it. If you enjoy particular tracks, going to the album page "should" link to free downloads of individual songs. I try to sell my music, because I want to give them value. Each album is around $1-3 dollars, with the entire discography available for $10.


With all that said, The link to my Bandcamp is here. I originally wanted to share individual links to albums, but it's difficult for me to do in my current mindset.


Walking in Circles is my first official release, back in 2011. Even though it is my earliest work, I consider it one of my best albums. Almost every song sounds like a different genre of music. The album was written to tell a simple story of a man with no purpose, that flies out into space, encounters a dark being, and dies.


The main story is played out over the first 9 tracks, with the final 4 tracks being bonus songs. My favorite songs are Walking in Circles, and Xuan's Nightmare. Honestly, though, I feel the whole main album is amazing, whereas the bonus songs are just okay.


From Alpha to Omega is my second release, also in 2011. The idea behind the album was to write "music to game to". I wrote 24 songs, one for each letter of the Greek Alphabet. The songs don't really vary too much in style. They were meant to be mostly dance-type songs. I wrote the album in roughly 10 days, although some of the songs were written before the conception of the album, and repurposed (Rho, Phi, Chi, Psi).


My favorite tracks are Epsilon, Theta, Omicron, Phi, and Psi. Omicron is a neat song, because it is a remix of another song I wrote called "A Well-Known Stranger".


AD Infinitum 1 – Alphadeus is a remake of Walking in Circles. Some of the song titles have changed, but the songs are rearranged/recomposed. This time, all 13 songs are part of the main story. AD Infinitum is meant to be a 4-part album. 2, 3, and 4 have not been written yet.


The new songs on this album are Hero to All, Breakdown, and Distorted Reality. Before the Beginning was Last Communication on Walking in Circles. To be honest, I recommend Walking in Circles over this album. I feel like most of the songs lost their emotion.


I'm going to go out of order for the rest of the albums, while trying to keep them together by series.


Nonsensicals is based on an idea I had, where I basically take all the songs I wrote that didn't have an album, and mash them together into an album. Of the 5 Nonsensicals, 1 and 4 are the only ones that follow this rule. 2, 3 and 5 have themes, which I'll go into later.


My original plan was to write 13 (my lucky number) songs per album, but after a few years of writing music, I felt 10 was a good number of songs to have in an album. I don't want to overwhelm people with too much music (although this blog post is way too much music :p).


I don't care too much for this particular album, although it has wonderful songs like Dreamless, Sweet Treat, and Bitstick. I feel most of the tunes are okay.


Nonsensicals II has a theme. It is about a man traveling via various means, to get to an alternate universe to call home, only to realize he was home all along, and decides to head back. All of the songs on this album were written specifically for the album.


The 13th track "The Long Way Home" is the previous 12 tracks reversed, combined, with percussion removed. The 12th track "Home, Not Home", is the midi data of the 1st track "Departation" reversed. So when the song is reversed again, the outro sounds similar to the first track.


Nonsensicals III is the third album of the series, obviously. All but one song (Virgus ~The Almighty~) were written for the album. It also has a "sequel song" called Dan Six Two (Nonsensicals had Dan Six One, meant to sound like Dance X1).


Nonsensicals IV is a collection of 13 songs (some written in 2013, some in 2014) that had no home. The last 3 tracks were meant for a "From Alpha to Omega" arrange album. If you have an older version of this album, you might see a song written for Jon Bloodspray. This song was later put where it belongs, in the "Songs for Gamers" album.


The most notable track is "The Unthinkable Had Happened", which was used in a trailer for a Portal mod. It's also a really good song. When this album was originally put together, I gave many songs crazy long names. The previously mentioned song used to be "The Unthinkable". "All I See is Darkness" used to simply be called "Darkness".


Nonsensicals V is a collection of 10 songs written with a specific style in mind. Music to Dance to. The titles of the songs were also meant to represent different "areas" a person could be.


A Well-Known Stranger is a story album. It is about a man imprisoned, eventually set free, and deals with his inner demons. The album ends with the man "dying", but there is a sequel to this album.


The first letter of each track spells out INFINITE LOOP... I hope :p


The Divide is my most recent album as of this blog post. It deals with the dying man from A Well-Known Stranger being found by a mad scientist. Saved from death, but becoming an experimental "being" that can split into two separate beings, one light, one dark. They work together to try to break free from the lab, having to kill another experiment (The Chimera), as well as the doctor himself to get out.


2AD1X Series is a collection of albums of jams, rearrangements, and just fun overall. The idea started in 2013, but the first official album was released in 2014 (hence, 2AD14 – I). Since these albums are all the same theme, I'm just going to reference them separately so you know how many there are.


2AD14 – I

2AD14 – II

2AD14 – III

2AD15 – I

2AD15 – II

2AD16 – I

2AD16 – II


ADBC, originally stood for "Alphadeus Bandcamp", but could also be "Alphadeus Best Collection". These 10 songs are absolutely wonderful. Originally released as a 7-track EP, 3 more tracks were eventually added to complete the album. I think ultimately I was just looking for an excuse to mess around with the AD emblem :p


FRACTURED has a simple theme. It consists of 12 tracks, each one relating to a key on the piano. The white keys spell out E M O T I O N, while the black keys spell out L O G I C. The songs were also written with the Emotion/Logic theme in mind. The emotion songs are meant to have some feeling to them, while the Logic songs are simple sequences with no emotion.


The first song was originally "Enigmatic by Design", but when I felt I couldn't write the music for this album, the song ended up being put on 2AD14 – I. Instead of reusing it, I wrote a new song "Enjoying the Moment".


CHIPS is a purely chiptune-style album. Written based on the limitations of the NES. 9 of the songs are original, with 1 song "The Bully" being a rearranged version of the same song from 2AD14 – III.


Songs for Gamers is saving the best for last. This is the album I am known for. Originally called the Destructoid Community Album. I reached out to 70+ individuals, asked them what kind of music they liked, and tried to write them a theme song to the best of my ability.


The project started in 2011 when Volume I was written. Volume II was written in 2012, and then there was a huge delay. I believe Volume III was done in 2015, and I did 1 song for Volume IV, before calling it quits, and just combining all the volumes into one mega album.


I threw in some rearrangements, podcast/misc themes, and joke songs. The album is over 6 hours long, and will always be free to download. There are 115 tracks total. Most songs are around 3 minutes in length.


I want to eventually continue writing music for members, but that will be a separate post in the future. Right now, I've been dealing with the unfortunate (and unexpected) death of the family cat, and it has been keeping me from writing music or playing video games.


So that's all my music in a nutshell. I hope you find something you enjoy, and I can't stress it enough... if you want something for free, simply ask and you will get hooked up. If I could, I'd prefer to give all my music away for free, but I don't think asking for money for my work is a bad thing. Thank you for reading.


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