My top 5 favorite Non Conventional Movie Females and their best movie roles.


I should be working so I'll make this quick.

 5. Bella Thorne: Blended

 If you're one of the 5 people that saw Blended, it was actually decend for the usual Happy Madison crapfest. Now Bella's character before the make over is when I thought she looked her best.  Then again she was like 17 at the time, (2014), but by the time I saw the movie she was like 18 or 19, so phew...no Dateline police.  Why do I prefer the tomboy look?  Probably because the less conventional the better....not to say I don't enjoy conventional either.

4. Linda Cardellini: Scooby Doo 1 and 2.

Something about a woman in glasses always does it for me.  Linda's rendition of Velma Dinkley is probably tied for the best part of these movies along with Matthew Lillard's Shaggy.  This version of Velma will always be one of the hottest women in my opinion, of any movie.


3. Natasha Lyonne: American Pie/Orange is the New Black.

Born the same day as my wife, Natasha Lyonne was always the one I found the most interesting in the American Pie movies. Her hair, face, the personalities she portrays (mostly lesbian) are all hot tastic.  By the way all the people I've picked on this list are women my wife finds hot too, LOL.

2. Alison Pill: Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

This is my favorite Alison Pill role and again, someone I find very attractive.  The bangs on her also look better than other hairstyles in my opinion. Running out of time to finish this dumb blog so my #1 is.......


1. Aubrey Plaza: Literally anything,.

Just perfect in my opinion...when she puts on glasses.....overkill....
That's it....I realize this blog probably qualifies as shitposting.....sorry.

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