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Why I'm Going To Switch To PC Gaming In The Future


Hello everyone I'm Back!


It's the Grandmaster here! You may remember me from such blogs like, "Do videogames sequels automatically make a game great?" and "MPF: Multiplayer is fun when playing with love ones".(Troy McClure reference for the Simpsons fans). Anyway it's great to be back after a very long hiatus. I'll try to blog a little more when I can because I find it fun and liberating. A revelation hit me which brought the writing bug back and it regards to the benefits of PC gaming over console gaming. Now this is my personal opinion and I'm not like, "Yeah, PC master race!" and "screw console gaming!". After the launch of the new 3Ds, this thought came to mind on how console and handheld gaming may divide different fan bases in the future.


Reason #1 Technical divides in new iteration hardware

PS4 pro

Like I mentioned earlier, I notice this first technical divide with the new 3Ds. Now to my knowledge prior to that point, most console revisions were nothing more than cosmetic revisions. Usually it would be a smaller or slimmer version of the original console and maybe a harddrive upgrade. With Nintendo handhelds the upgrades would always address a recurring hinderance to gaming for example, the original GBA didn't have backlight, so the GBA SP addressed that issue. With the new 3Ds, it was much more than revising issues. Not only did the new 3Ds had a new C-Stick, added shoulder buttons and face dectection for 3D; it had increase RAM and an upgraded processor. It wouldn't be much of a problem if it didn't divide games between the handhelds. Not only that, but owners of the original 3Ds cannot enjoy Snes games from the Virtual Console service because it's not technically possible. At the time this had bother me because I felt some of these features should've been there from the start, but that goes with many console revisions. Now fast forward and Sony has just announce its PS4 pro. Now prior to that, I was upset that there were rumors of a new upgraded version of a PS4 that could soon be in market. After I read the possible specs that this system was suppose to have I was like, "These Mother f'ers are doing what Nintendo did with the new 3Ds." Now at that time I had just bought my PS4 and to read these rumors left me dumbfounded. I was thinking to myself at the time, "will this be the trend of gaming in the future?" Now Sony says that this upgraded PS4 shouldn't divide its current PS4 fanbase, but something tells me that developers will swing towards the more powerful consoles. This thinking leads to reason number dos.


Reason #2 Computer hardware and gaming sparked my interest


I believe what spark my interest in PC gaming was my Operating System class. I'm a computer Science major and web developing and computer hardware always had my interest. However, I wasn't really a PC gamer. I have decent dell computer with a Nvidia 730Gt graphics card(Don't laugh) with 8 GBs of ram and a 1TB mechnical harddrive,(Again don't laugh) but I never used it for serious gaming. I usually used it for programming. Anyway, that OS course which was a class that discuss topics like the operating systems, motherboards, graphic cards, Ram, the benifits of SSDs over HDD and the class went way deeper than that, but it fascinated me. It made me want to build my own PC gaming system. Now I realize if I wanted a really powerful system, I may have to fork up large cash. Being a broke college student, that would be a no-go for now. There are gaming PCs that people can build for low as $500 and it can beat out the current generation of consoles, but I'm a little of a tech ethusiast and wish to go all out. Also, I realize that there are a lot of great exculsive PC games out there. Many of them I discovered by watching my favorite youtubers' playthroughs. The games I do play on my PC I enjoy very much, plus many of the games that come on consoles are on PC. Knowing this made me think that I should invest more into PC gaming. This lead to reason number trois.


Reason #3 I personally believe it would be a better investment

pc vs console

PC gaming can be expensive when it comes to upgrading various parts. However, a person can go really cheap and still keep up keep up with jonseses. I would like to "future proof" my PC, even though there is no such thing. By spending at least $2000 on a PC gaming rig, I feel that upgrading in the future will only be a graphics card, well at least for a decade. When I think about the money I spent on consoles, the extra controller and about 5-10 games, I could've invested that money into a mid to high range PC. I also found out that PC games are usually cheaper especially thanks digital distribution services like Steam. When I think about mid life cycle console upgrades I feel that if I invest in a PC, I can still have the best hardware and play the best games on one console. Considering that my consoles are piling up, I would like to minimize space and eletricity by dedicated to one gaming console. I found a guide to help me start in the future http://www.pcgamer.com/pc-build-guide-high-end-gaming-pc/. I'm sure veteran PC builders may share other guides, so feel free I'm still learning. Also for those who are thinking of making the transition as well, I found this site for those who aren't interested in building a PC. https://maingear.com/


I hope one day when I finish college in about a year, I can land a wonderful job in web development and with this I can afford my new hobby of PC gaming, but for now I'm just worrying about paying for college expenses. Now, I'm not someone who wish to be pushy on this particular matter, in fact this is a first for me. I will like to leave this link to my gofundme campaign for everyone to share because sharing would be just as helpful as donating. I'm having trouble with my college expenses and I have exhausted all options for additional loans and I'm not eligible for any scholarships because of my part-time status. If anyone care to donate, I would very much appreciated, but I would appreciate just as much if everyone can share this link to my campaign to spread the word. Thanks in advance and you'll will hear from me again.


                         Grandmaster will return (James Bond reference for the James Bond fans)


Need help with college expenses

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