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GamePro steals other sites articles


Ok, so get this shit -- last Saturday XBLRadio posted a story on their blog about how Best Buy was screwing us by charging an extra $3 for some of their more profitable Xbox 360 accessories. XBLRadio coiled this the "Halo 3 Tax". Ha ha, very clever, moving on.

Now, last night GamePro posted an article about a supposed "Halo 3 Tax" at, of all places, Best Buy. Now, take a good, close look at that picture. Does it look familiar? It should. It's the same image posted by XBLRadio on the last Saturday.

Now I have no problem with people reporting news from other sites. Hell, that's how news spreads across the internet. Like herpes. Even I do it. But what struck me was that GamePro made absolutely NO mention of the original XBLRadio article that this was taken from.

To me, that's bullshit, and only goes to show how far GamePro has fallen since it's glory days of mediocrity.

Finally, if you Digg this up, I'll pay for your next prostitute. Honest.
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