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Do I still belong here?


I guess It's been over 5 years I've been lurking almost exclusively here. Although work gets in the way, I still check the site several times a day.


A lot of drama has happened I stayed more or less indifferent to it all. This is the internet, people. Drama is bound to happen. 


I even made real life Dtoid mementos. Displayed the group at my Steam profile. Joined the chat.


But this makes me feel completely stranger to this site. And I quote: 


"My biggest concern going into DN32AEWT was how it would treat women." (Oh boy)


"Good news and bad news: there are strippers, but they're little more than repeating GIFs for teenagers to ogle. It's the kind of dumb that subtly contributes to an unfriendly culture, as opposed to being actively violent towards women." (Sigh)

"For me, the biggest surprise from DN32AEWT was its difficulty." (LOL)


"Speaking of the new episode, I won't be able to tell you the minute differences between a "classic" Duke level and the new levels from DN32AEWT." (Okey)


"Those of you looking for something unique from aDuke Nukem 3D reunion will likely walk away disappointed, but to me it felt like more of the same game -- which doesn't seem like a bad thing." (LOL)


This has tickled me, but we all know this is not isolated, but a trend. I could take the time to make my point, but you can see it at the front page. 


Did political correctness infiltrated our culture to this degree? PC gamer just warned me the original Shadow Warrior (free on GOG right now) may offend my sensibility. Kotaku is (and probably will always be) Kotaku. And Dtoid... sure has changed. Or am I too old for video game culture?


More important, why I'm spending my time here instead of having fun?

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