That time in High School I drew a Sailor Moon comic book.


I haven't done one of these long blogs in a while because I remember it was nightmarish last time with it not saving and asking if I was a spambot ect.  Here's to this being an easy and painless process.


So, there I was 17 years old back in 1996.  I had an unhealthy Sailor Moon obsession and in those days all I could get due to lack of resources was the terrible DiC subs with those stupid "Sailor Says" PSAs at the end of the show.  Nevertheless ignorance was bliss because between that and Dragon Ball, DBZ, and Saturday Anime on Sci-fi, those were my only sources of anime for the time being.


If anyone from the time remembers correctly back then Sailor Moon only ran until the episode where Chibiusa realizes Usagi is Sailor Moon. Then it reverted back to the 1st episode...EVERY FUCKING TIME! It was very frustrating...At the time I only knew the characters as they were named in the dub.  Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Chad, Melvin, Molly, Darien etc.

Exasperated with the lack of progression in the show I decided to take action into my own hands, but I didn't know what to do.  With that conundrum unresolved I started my last year of Spanish for native speakers in high school and next to me sat this Super Intelligent Punk Chick who I only knew in passing the previous 3 years She was taking Spanish, Russian and a bunch of Honors and AP classes.  Her name was Sam, and she was this short, pale, Jewish, punk/grunge mix of awesomeness that I would come to know better that year.  I was very surprised she talked to me since back then I was pure female repellent (they could probably sense my horny desperation). We talked about anime after she saw some of my filthy weeaboo Sailor Moon pens and we hit it off. I talked about my frustration with the lack of story progression and at some point she suggested I draw a comic book.  After much discussion, with me telling her I had no skills and her telling me to give it a try I decided I would at least give it a shot.

Every day after I got out of school I'd go to work for three hours and then draw like a mad man until 10:00 pm.  Homework?  Fuck homework.  I was the opposite of Sam back then.  Non studious, with no plans for college and dressed like a little gangsta wannabe. Kind of the opposite of who I am now.   Anyways, every few days I would give Sam an update and when I tried to show her my unfinished work she would warn me that she wanted no spoilers, so I couldn't show her until I finished. 

It was the end of November right after Thanksgiving break that I finishd my work.  It took me a lot of crunch time during the break to make the final push, and even today I feel like I rushed it since it took me so long and I just wanted to finish it.  I brought it in to school thinking it looked half crappy and half cool, but Sam loved it. Heck, she said she wanted more.  I told her I needed a break and would probably start right after winter vacation.  As Christmas time came, my mom bought me a few subbed Sailor Moon tapes with episodes that took over where the dub had stopped. I was so enlightened and suddenly I had tons of material for a second volume.  School started again that January and as Sam and I went to class our teacher told the class he'd be having a Spanish Christmas party to celebrate 3 kings day. Sam and I exchanged numbers for the 1st time and I was ecstatic.  She had a car and we'd go together to the party.  That night she called me and I was nervous and not really big into parties, so like a fucking idiot I said I didn't feel like going. She said ok and at the time it seemed like she didn't want to go either.  The next time I saw her in class she seemed distracted, bummed, who knows...I would never be able to find out because that evening while going home with her little brother after rehearsing for a school play, they got hit and killed by a fucking drunk driver.  So with that my comic book ended and so did a lot of my drawing ambition.  Now I need an excedrin because my head hurts from recalling all this...

If anything, though, her way of living did inspire me to become a better student and I got my shit together, went to college and here I am now teaching kids just like we used to be. I was just going to scan my shitty little comic, but I felt like I should explain how it came to be and why there's only one...I still need that excedrin. 

Hope you guys enjoy this silly ass 20 year old comic.  As I re-read it for the 1st time in years I have to admit...it looks like crap but some of it is pretty damn neat.  I hope it amuses you. Feel free to make fun of it too. ^_^.


Sorry for the lack of hentai....that stage of my life would begin a few months later.  Off to get excedrins now.

- https://www.twitch.tv/ein_the_retro_gamer

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