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Hee-how to talk to demon girls wearing headphones, ho!


(As dictated to Pixie The Fairy by Jack Frost)

These days, many demon girls wander around post-apocalyptic hellscapes oblivious to the potential of smartphones and COMPs to contain and summon them. They can often be-hee found wearing headphones and listening to music on some deceased hunter's Sony Walkman, ho.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot negotiate with them and ask them to join your party. Even if a pane of bulletproof glass separates you from her, you should try!

Of course, not all demon girls are open to be-hee-ing approached because not all demons are looking to join a party. Or because you suck, ho.

However, if a demon girl wearing headphones is alone and hoping to meet a hunter (or if demon fusion is her kink, hee), she may be happy to take off her headphones and give you an opportunity to negotiate with her. Maybe you don't suck after all!

A demon removing her hee-headphones doesn’t always mean her moral alighment is compatable with yours or that she wishes to join you on your quest to reshape the world, ho. Sometimes, it’s simply because she wants a break from the monotony-hee of random encounters and would rather talk.

What to Do to Catch Her Eye

1. Run around Shibuya Terminal until an encounter triggers.

2. Be-hee a messiah or demigod, ho.

3. If she hasn’t already looked up at you, simply get her attention by selecting "Talk" from the battle menu. Depending on her race, such as Fairy or Night, it may be-hee in your best interest to have a demon of her race accompany you to act as a wingman/winglady that helps lure her attention!

4. When she looks at you, smile, pantomime talking headphones off your head, suggesting that she speak with you, ho.

Usually, you nee-heedn't go that far, but some demon girls are shy and will be reluctant to take out their earbuds. If she doesn’t want to take them off, it’s probably a good sign that she would rather fight you to the death or that you should flee the battle.

5. If she removes her headphones to talk to you, begin dancing furiously to enhance the awkwardness of the moment. Maybe she will laugh and become more open to negotiations. Now's your chance, ho!

Begin by asking her name and to become your demon. 

You: Hee-hello, I know we just met here, but I want you to be my demon. What's your name?

Demon: Succubus.

You: Nice to meet you, Succubus. I don't normally mingle with ladies who can consume my eternal soul like cotton candy, but your lovely wings caught my attention and I just had to talk to you.

Succubus:  I'd like a Life Stone. Do you have any?

Now negotiations have begun, ho! Be-hee sure to pay close attention to her questions and be prepared to offer your HP, MP, items or macca if she asks for it. However, remember that she is a demon and things may not go your way. Such is life.

Mistakes That Messiahs and Demigods Make When Approaching Demon Girls Who Are Wearing Headphones

1. Being too low level.

Demon girls will not talk to hee-humans less experienced and weaker than they are. If you want to negotiate at all, you will need to level up often, ho! Learning to cover your weaknesses and to exploit those of your enemies is key-hee to getting stronger. No one is going to want to hang with you if you suck and can't beat Matador..

2. No life stones

All demons are crazy about life stones, ho. They always want them and ask for them. And they pretty much are given to you in hee-heaps after battles, so anyone that dumps them for paltry amounts of macca in stores is a loser.

3. Never negotiating

If all you ever do is grind away EXP and fight demons, never making allies or friends, de-heemon girls will be less inclined to talk to you and more interested in simply having you as a snack, ho. Consuming the souls of humans or fighting the last remnants of your kind gets boring for them, though, so you should always try striking up conversations with them, hee.

That Lilim may still want you dead or a Hua Po may make off with all the items and money you gave her, but you should expect this from demons and at least you tried, ho.

The important thing, though, is to pester as many demon girls wearing headphones as you can. I assure you none of them will mind an attempt at negotiation. Who knows? You may even find the demon girl of your dreams!

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