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Introduction of a Random Swissman



Hello there! I am Swiss or as you might have already figured out, I'm actually Zaboru and Swiss is just my nationality. Still though, I guess it's nice to know, so there you go.

As my first community blog here I have decided to just do an introduction of myself because, you know, I'm kinda new here and I figured an introduction would be in order. Of course I could just do this with quick posts or not at all, but I tend to keep my introductions lenghty when I decide to do one and I felt like introducing myself to you all! I'm not self-centered, I swear.

Okay, so. I'm Zabby! My actual, real, name is Michel but at this point I'm so used to being called a variation of Zaboru that it feels weird for me to not be called by that name, aside from when it comes from a few people that I could probably count on one hand. I'm from Switzerland as you might have already noticed and I'm a mere 19 years old, at least until October 17th where I will finally grow OLD. Now that the birthday shilling is done I guess I can tell you a bit about who I am and where I come from, huh? Feel free to skip whatever parts you don't want to read by the way, but I just like being detailed in those things :3

I'll start with how I got here and where I came from. In short, I once was very bored and randomly searched for tweets containing "mgsv" and found a stream of said game that was conducted by the wonderful KyWii or BlazeWii (and if you're for some reason here and reading this, Ky, I hope you're doing well and I hope seeing me in this position might raise your spirits as well. Take care of yourself <3), as some of you might know her. Long story short, I watched, I started chatting and then I watched more streams and somehow I was then seen by her as worthy of being taken into a Discord group consisting of mostly ex-Dtoiders, for which I am very grateful because it opened a whole new world to me. Much later on stuff happened, another Discord group with some of the same people as well as people still on Dtoid opened up as well and I joined that group too and basically, I got more and more involved in the history of a site I never cared about before all that happened at all!

Now, I never actually planned on joining the site even then, but now one of my new Dtoid friends in this new group, TheBlondeBass, did a little game shuffle thing that I joined cause I thought it might be fun and I wanted to blog about whatever game I got assigned and for the purpose of that, I made this account. I got Hotline Miami and while I have already played that, I'm looking forward to replaying it and to doing an actual blog about it and I think I might take this account further and do a lot more in the future as well! Basically, I'm excited. Also, I added Ys Origin in this shuffle thing and I'm very glad that I'm getting to force Bass to play one of my favorite games. So yeah, this is basically why you have to deal with me now, so direct all your hatred for me towards Bass!

Okay, I guess I'll get to what I like to do and stuff now. This should be the last big section, so bear with me! Yeah, I'm slow. I always like to talk too much and if any of you are still reading this, I am very proud of you and I feel blessed to have someone like YOU reading this!

Some of my hobbies include just the usual stuff, I guess. I like playing games. Some of my favorite games include Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising, the MGS series, which is my favorite series in general, Ace Attorney and I will usually go out of my way with importing and stuff to get to play Gundam games or other mech games if they seem worthy of being played at all to me. I also play a lot of Overwatch and like that a ton, even though multiplayer-only was never my thing before.

I really like playing all kinds of games and there's barely anything that I wouldn't at least give a try at some point. Unfortunately, time is not the nicest to me with my apprenticeship and all and I also spend a lot of time watching things, so I don't play games as much as I could or would want to.

Watching stuff is a good point though, because that's where my next and really only other huge hobby lies, which is watching anime. Shocking, right?

In terms of anime I'd say I'm also generally open to everything, except hentai (which is not something I'm into or interested in at all really). I can enjoy a good anime no matter if it has my preference in it or not, but there's definitely one thing for me that EASILY trumps all other things. MECHS. If your game, show or whatever has mechs in it, chances that I'll like it are much, much higher. I am obsessed with mechs and the more you hang around me, the more you will notice that this is the absolute truth. I blame this largely on Gundam, but this has been an unknown obsession to me ever since I was a kid, even if I didn't really notice it back then.

Gundam is my favorite franchise of ANYTHING (not just anime) of all time and Macross, which got me back into anime after a long long break, is a very close second to it for me. I have seen everything that you can even find on the internet of both of those (which took me about 3 months for the Macross marathon and about 2 years for Gundam), except for the Seed Destiny movies and the Unicorn TV re-cut and those don't count as missing cause they just reuse footage I already know. Those franchises are the most important fictional things to me and I love to just go on and on about both of them. I'm almost convinced that a lot of people would get annoyed by me for that, but that's just who I am. I am Gundam incarnate. I also like a lot of other mech shows though and I'm trying to always watch 3 non-airing anime shows side-by-side, which are currently Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, a rewatch of Macross 7 and Code Geass, which was also a rewatch until now, where I'm getting to the Akito OVAs.

Also, the character on my avi is Freyja Wion from Macross Delta. She's a huge cutie and I love her and I love Macross Delta.

I also have a MAL account where I list everything I've seen ever since I got back into anime. It was a new start for me, so I didn't include stuff I had seen before that point. I'll link this account a bit further below in case you're interested. Also, I love taking screencaps of anime I watch and I screencap so much that I have about 5000 screenies for all of Gundam 00, which is my favorite show of all time, combined. I post a ton of screenies on Twitter and I don't do a lot of other stuff there, haha. Just thought I'd mention that, so you know what kind of guy I am, haha.

As a last thing I'd like to mention, I do Gunpla sometimes! I only ever have done two so far actually, Crossbone Gundam X1 and God/Burning Gundam. I also have a Wing Gundam Fenice waiting to be assembled and I recently ordered myself a Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried """Gunpla""" and I think I ordered a Fire Valkyrie too but I'm actually not sure anymore if I really did that, haha. I'm too lazy to get a picture of Crossbone currently, but I'm more proud of my God Gundam, so you'll get a picture of that here:

Anyway, I've been going on for way too long now, so I'll end this here! Here's some other places where you can find me:

I'm ZaboruK on PSN if you want to add me there. I probably have some other places too that I don't remember currently, haha.

If you're one of the brave souls who has read through all this, thank you very much! I'm excited to meet you all and I hope that this is a thing that stays and I might get to know a lot of other cool new people, as well as have fun with old faces I already know! I might also stream sometimes, but who knows what the future may bring. I want to write more blogs and stuff as well. No matter what may come, take care and don't let anything get you down! If you have any questions left for me, feel free to ask :3

 See ya <3

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