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Boredom at its' finest


Since I have been stuck at home with a hurt ankle. I have been trying to find ways to fight my overwhelming boredom that has hit me. I am going completely stir crazy.

I have tried all the usual things to help with boredom, playing video games, watching Netflix, cleaning, laundry, and even reading. But nothing, not a single thing has helped sway this boredom that has completely consumed my life.

So you are probably wondering why none of these activies are not beating away my boredom?


I think it all boils down to who I am as a person. I have to be productive, I hate wasting my day away. I feel bad and like I am wasting my time if I just play video games all day. Especially when I am used to working almost everyday. I can enjoy my days off when I have earned them, I can waste my day away playing games or reading. But when I am forced to stay home, and I can't be productive then I just feel bad about sitting around playing video games. 

I like to reward myself with playing games or reading. I don't enjoy being wasteful. 

I have tried to combat these feelings of wastefulness by cleaning or doing stuff around the apartment but there is only so much one can do with a hurt ankle. So even though I have cleaned and done laundry more times than I can count, I still don't feel like I can say I have had a productive day. 

So what have I done to try to counteract this monotony that has consumed my life??

I have become more active on this site. I have been trying to comment and be more social with the more great people part of this community. I have been on discord more and trying to be more social that way. TheBlondeBass is doing a game shuffle and I decided to join that. So maybe a new game that I haven't played will spark my interest and keep boredom at bay. 

So if you guys have any ways to help me with my boredom please let me know. I am stuck at home for at least another week so if you have any new games I can try or anything to help me please don't be shy!

-also cocks

- Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone. - Madoka Magica

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