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Did Nintendo hear the pleas & cries and answer?


I think this is a good angle, a good thing to do. All the BIG hardcore fans of this game know about it. Most of them have it pre-ordered too. They have seen all the videos and screenshots they could sink their juicy teeth. Don't worry Samus, I am not really the jealous type. I know you only have eyes for me! We know about this baby and can't be more excited. And no, we wouldn't be more excited with Multiplayer, that is a horrible idea. Leave the Single Player masterpiece alone!

Sure, we (the "hardcore") might say this is pretty lame/lackluster (the WiiWare channel), but think of it as a way to hype and tell the casual audience about the game. Yes, it requires online connection but Nintendo sees that many Virtual Console games get downloaded so it is obviously not such a crazy gesture afterall.

Could this be the start of new Nintendo "hardcore" to casual publicity strategy? I think so, I am glad the big N is still trying to use their brain.
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