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Community Game Show Pre Pilot Post


So here’s the skinny:  I want to run a podcast style (that is, audio only) game show, and I want you to be the contestants (and the audience, please).  

Picking Contestants:  In the blog for the current show, I will ask a trivia question.  The first two users to message me with the right answer (who have not played before) will be the contestants.  In case order matters, I will go by timestamps to determine player one and player two.  

The Stage:  In order to play, I will need to have 4 things set up.  First, a Team Speak Server.  I have looked this up, and it seems like something easy enough to set up, but I have yet to do so.  This means in order to play, you must have Team Speak.  Second, I will need to be able to record the audio from this, which I don’t think should be a problem.  I’m not sure how to record this, but I don’t think this will be the most difficult step.  My only concern is getting my audio as well as the contestants audio on the same file.  Then, I would like to edit the sound file, something I do not have much experience with.  A jingle before the show, cropping out any breaks / interruptions, inserting some clarifications / corrections, all that good stuff.  I believe this will be the most intensive part.  Finally, hosting the dang thing.  I am leaning towards SoundCloud, but have no basis for that.  Any expertise is appreciated.

Update, after some research:  I am leaning towards Discord as the app of choice now, instead of TeamSpeak.  Some problems still persist.

Personal Confession:  I have wanted to do this for quite some time, because I think it sounds hella fun.  That being said, there is a good chance that if I execute it, I will let it die out after a couple of episodes.  If this happens, please feel free to pick up the show.  Put your own twist on it, or keep it as is.  I want to see this live on, but I also know I have a life and love to game, so I may just be too dang lazy.

With all of that out of the way, there will be 3 main rounds, and 1 bonus round.

I’m Too Young to Die Round: Game Sharks

Player 1 will be asked a question, which has a numerical answer.  The question is designed to be something that anyone could take a guess at, such as “how many coins are in World 1-1”.  These questions are designed to be almost impossible to guess correctly.  Player 2 then has to choose if Player 1’s answer was higher than the actual amount, or lower than the actual amount.  If Player 2 is right, then they received 100 points.  Otherwise, Player 1 gets 100 points.  If player 1 manages to get the answer exactly right, they will receive 300 points.  Each player gets 3 rounds of selecting the value, and 3 round of guessing higher or lower.

Rounds:  6
Points:  100 normal / 300 perfect
Sample Question:  How many coins are in World 1-1? 

Hurt Me Plenty Round:  Buff the Listener (name pending)

Player 1 will be asked a question.  They can choose to submit an answer to the question (for extra points) or to choose from multiple answers.  If Player 1 answers, Player 2 is forced to take the multiple choice answer.  Otherwise, Player 2 can make the same choice:  answer the question for extra points, or select from multiple choice. If either player answers, the other player may select the answer provided in the multiple choice.  If neither player provides an answer, they will both receive 4 predetermined multiple choice answers.  A correct answer provides 400 points, a multiple choice answer gives 200.  The Player who gets the choice to answer first alternates between rounds.  These questions can range from specific game trivia, to industry facts.  These questions are designed to have a difficult exact answer, but the multiple choice allows for some luck to take place.

Rounds:  6
Points:  200 (multiple choice) / 400 (answer provided)
Sample Question:  What game had a weapon called ‘The Big Boner’?

Nightmare Round: GANNONBALL!

The final round contains the most specific trivia, with the least amount of player assistance.  This round should separate the men from the boys.  Players are provided a topic for a list and alternate answers for that topic until one player cannot provide a correct answer.  So, for example, a round could be ‘name the Koopa kids’.  Player 1 provides an answer, then Player 2.  As soon as one person cannot answer, or answers incorrectly, the other player may name up to 3 additional items from the list for bonus points.  If the category has an odd number of questions, the final item will be revealed by the host.  Play alternates between rounds.  Each correct answer is worth 200 points.

Rounds:  4
Points: 200 per answer, up to +600
Sample Question:  Name the Koopa Kids 

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

So what is the prize for all of this?  I will award whoever wins a game of their choice under 10 dollars on Steam.  This prize is chosen because 1. Its cheap, and 2. I know I can do it.  Other suggestions are appreciated (Humble Bundle keys, etc), but I will likely stick to this, just to keep it simple.

Don’t have Steam?  Feeling generous?  You can take your prize in the form of a 10 dollar donation to Child’s Play!

Bonus Round:  Test Your Might

Double or nothing!  At the end of the game, the winning player can attempt to up their prize to a 20 dollar Steam game or a 20 dollar donation to Child’s Play!  And because I’m not a dick to sick kids, you will never lose your donation.  It may not double, but at least 10 dollars are guaranteed.  Before electing to play, you may hear the category.  There will be 1 question, and you must answer it yourself - no multiple choice, no ask the audience.  The question could be on anything and everything related to gaming.  Kid Icarus’ famous cheat code?  Master Chief's voice actor?   The last FF6 boss, alphabetically?  All fair game.

So for the first episode I have questions ready, but do not yet have Team Speak set up.  Once I get that figured out, I will put a formal date and time for the first episode, along with a call to action for contestants.  So what is the point of this blog?  To gauge the level of interest, as well as get feedback on any aspect of the show.  With that said, what do you all think?

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