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Share your Pokémon Go Stories!



Pokémon Go has been out for nearly three weeks now and so far we’ve seen all sorts of awesome stuff come out of it. We even talked about the game a ton in our previous episode. People are out in droves. Playing, socializing, making new friends, and all in the pursuit of Pokémon! If you played the original Red & Blue versions, jumped in during one of the later eras, or are even now just getting into the craze, it’s pretty awesome that so many different people can all relate to the game, come together and share their experiences.

So far, we’ve seen: a Pokémon Go Dating App, Razer has created RazerGo, location-based messaging app for Go players, a cultural impact on rural towns and on local businesses, and how the game is even helping some players cope with social anxiety. Most can probably agree that the game has had a tremendous positive impact since release and with any luck, will continue to do so into the near future.

So, we’d like you to share some of your best Pokémon Go stories with us so that we can talk about them in a future episode. It can be anything from making new friends, sharing an exciting moment with strangers as you dash toward a rare spawn, or even finding your one true love. We want to hear it all, so please, comment away!

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