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Bioshock Collector's Edition: how to make other CE boxes look bad by comparison


I'd like to take this time to let some of you in on a little secret: Some of us here at Destructoid take our box art a bit too seriously at times. Call us shallow; even jeer us if you will. Watch as we turn a deaf ear to those that would proclaim that it's really all about the game itself. We laugh at those who would downplay the greatness of a great looking cover.

OK, so maybe the above is an exaggerated version of the truth. Nonetheless, you cannot look at the box and its contents, and not feel that somebody finally got it right. After being shafted with collector's editions that really offer nothing for the extra money (Splinter Cell: DA ring a bell?), I think we finally found the rare occurrence of a CE value. Now let's hope the game lives up to the packaging.

[Via N4G]
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