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Hypno fucks up like in a good way I think


This, is his story

Once upon a time, there lived a brave Dtoider named "Hypno Coffin". Hypno was an obedient child, an often lewd yet tasteful degenerate of the strange and mysterious land known as Discord? How do I know this? I had adopted him once...then I got sick him after he did..."inappropriate" things to his brother, Axarrey. ANYWAY, this is Hypno's story - a story of heroism and stuff. We shall never forget you, Hypno.


For you see, about 5 minutes ago (maybe 10 or 15 by the time I'm done writing this, idk), I had come up with a deviant plan. A plan to finally help me take over the vast Discord land. A PLAN THAT WOULD MAKE ME RISE ABOVE THEM ALL...or...idk at least make me feel important. Anyway, THUS BEGAN VIVA LE RESISTANCE, a French-themed plan for all the inhabitants of Discord Land to rise up and take back ther server! The plan was full proof, guaranteed to work...because I said so and stuff! Then, when my plan was finally ready to come to fruition, one evil moderator stood in my way. A deviant, cruel mod who literally stepped in in spite of my corageous efforts!!!

Pixie was all too powerful! Her magic and pixie like...things were too much for the innocent Discorders to handle! I had no choice but to flee in terror, but I needed a distraction! That is when Hypno stepped in, corageously, to the rescue! Hypno volunteered to flail about aimlessly as I took cover behind a nearby soft object, a pillow to be precise, to save me from the clutches of the powerful pixie mod demon thingy! My plans had been thwarted...but the war is far from over!!


VIVA LE RESISTANCE lives on, in all it's hoity toity, baguet, French-like glory! Hypno may have made the mistake of sacrificing himself for my aimless...no, corageous cause, but I think it was all for the greater good. Or something. Either way, he's still cute as hell. We will miss you!



Hypno Coffin


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