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MGS4 Really a System Seller (Hopefully Without Katie's SPAM This Time)?

I received an iPod a few months ago as an anniversary present and have since subscribed to a lot of podcasts on iTunes. One of these has been the IGN podcast series, which, aside from the ones I listened to before (like Wiik in Review, Game Scoop and AFK), includes the PS3 and XBOX 360 podcasts. Now, I don't own either of these systems, but listen to them anyway given the nature of my work*. And in the PS3 podcasts lately, they've been touting Metal Gear Solid 4 as some sort of PS3 system seller. Now, they aren't the only podcast claiming this (I listen to Gamespot and 1up as well), however they seem to claim it more than any other outlet.

This has always bothered me because I've never seen the Metal Gear series as a huge, blockbuster franchise. In fact, I always thought of it as little more than a niche player in the grand scheme of things. The reason for this is that Metal Gear Solid has always, to me, been the poster-boy of hardcore. With a convoluted plot, difficult-to-master controls and little to no commercial marketing, I've always thought Metal Gear was an underground thing.

I don't mean to carry on the stereotype of the casual Nintendo gamer, but Metal Gear was always way too hard for me. I made it through Twin Snakes without too much trouble, but I quit MGS3 before even beating that Wasp Guy (can't remember his name, lol). I just found the control scheme to be way too convoluted. I didn't even know the PS2 had pressure sensitive buttons; I spent, like, a solid hour trying to figure out how to use the goddam machine gun until I realized that there was a difference between pressing the 'X' button and pressing the 'X' button down hard. When it got to the point where I could actually use the fucking analog sticks as a button, I called it a day. I then proceeded to go onto YouTube and watch all the cut-scenes.

Now, I know I'm not qualified to represent the general public (or the LBC, for that matter; I'm not looking for any trouble, Bradley Nowell**), but is MGS4 really a system seller? No doubt it will sell copies, but will it sell to anyone who isn't already interested in buying a PS3 anyway?*** What do ya'll think?

* I put this down here because I doubt many are interested in what I do for a living. I work for the Court of Appeals as a file clerk and bailiff. When I'm filing, it gets so boring that I need something to listen to. But because people frequently come through with questions, Iím not allowed to listen to music through headphones. And because I can only take so much Jim Rome and ESPN Radio (What the other guys listen to), I just listen to podcasts all day.

** Rest in peace, Bradley Nowell.

*** Will it make people do this?:

EDIT: I posted this a few minutes ago and was spammed with something almost as lengthly as my post (by someone named Katie). Yikes. Hoefully just a fluke and it won't happen again!
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