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Hello reader (most likely ZoePapillon), I put together a quick step by step guide showing how to insert images into your blog. If this is patronising, tell a mod.

First up, uploading images to Dtoid's server. Make them carry your images so you don't have to find a image hosting site ahahAHAHAHA. Okay enough of that, let's begin.


1. Click on the button that reads "Choose File". As presented below.


2. A window will pop up showing images on your computer's hard-drive. Pick one you want to use.


3. The name of the image will now appear next to the "Choose File" button but not much else will happen until you click on the "Upload" button.


4. So let's click on the "Upload" button. Ooh! A tiny picture of the image you chose appeared!


5. Now this is the tricky part. To insert the image into the body of your blog, first click where you would type text and wait for the flashing cursor to appear. See the little pulsating black vertical line?


6. Good. Now drag (click and hold) the little image towards the cursor, as close as you can. Let go of the button and it should appear.


7. Success! Now click on the image to highlight (it'll turn a shade of blue) it and change the size of the image by grabbing and pulling on one of the corners of the image. (One of the four tiny white squares at each corner of the image.)


8. Stretch that bad boy until you have the size you want. As you stretch it a helpful number shows up that tells you the dimensions/size of the image!

TIP: If you ever want to re-edit your image later on simply click the image you want to edit within your blog and it will turn blue again, now click the "Inset/edit image" button on the toolbar (where it says Formats| Font Sizes| picture of binoculars etc.) and edit the dimension numbers then click "ok".


9. Once you're happy, click on the "Save and Update" button to save your work so you can check on the results.


10. Once the page has refreshed, click on the "edit" link near your avatar (loacated at the top of the screen).


11. You'll find yourself staring at a list of your blogs (your blog manager page) where you can check the progress of your blog(s). Click the title of the one you want to check. For me it will be this "tutorial" blog.


12. Yeah, needs more work. Once you've checked for errors and corrected them you can go ahead and publish your blog. Or go back into the editor and refine it some more.


 A. Remember in step 4 the link next the "Choose file" that read "Copy URL"? Let's try using that instead this time.



A1. Now we can right click the mouse and copy the link address like I have done so in the below picture, or...


A2. We can click on the link and see what happens. Oh, it's opened in a new window/browser tab. Let's go ahead and copy the URL link from there. Either way is fine.


B. Once you have the URL link copied head over to the blog's toolbar and click on the "Insert/edit image" button. As show below.


C. A new window will appear as the screen fades. Click into the source box (it'll have a blue outline showing when it is selected), if the cursor is not blinking already, and paste your copied link into it.



D. Either right click and paste or use Ctrl + V, up to you.



E. The URL should be sitting within the source box now. So much winning right now.



F. While we are here we may as well change the dimensions of the image to suit your blog.

TIP: As a rule set the first number of 500 x 500 as seen below to 610 (ex. 610 x 500) to avoid your picture's edges disappearing off the page.


G. All done? Then click OK and witness the results!


Once you're happy, save and update your blog. Go through steps 9 to 12 again to check how things are taking shape. Keep chipping away untill you are satisfied.


If this didn't help, mail me anthrax.

G-G-Good Luck!

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