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Send me your E3 wishes so my tarot cards and other users can make predictions!


So another E3 is around the corner and speculation and dreams abound from within the gaming community, especially this week. Last year, I took on the guise of Elizabeth from the Persona series, asked for your E3 wishes and did some amateur tarot readings that ended up taking a dump on most people's submitted hopes. That and they were mostly wrong anyway. Seems my tarot cards just hate people.

This year, I'm going to ask for your hopes and dreams for E3 again, but I'm going do something a bit different. I'm going to do a simpler three card spread, which is faster and easier than the five card spread.

My cards demand unrest and chaos, though. The cards have spoken and demand your wish's reading be determined on three simple conditions put forth by the user that comments after you. This will actually make the process easier and the results more interesting.

For example:

Wish - I hope Todd Howard announces The Elder Scrolls VI at the Bethesda press conference.

Conditions - What Gardivour thinks will happen/What Vault Boy feels will happen/What my waifu, Shanoa, says will happen.

You could also have conditions like "kiss/marry/toss in a dungeon" or "$599/Massive Damage/My body is Reggie." The cards will find a way to interpret this and have an answer that will probably be horrible but might surprise you.

So submit your E3 wishes and the three conditions that may enhance/screw over the readings of the person that commented before you. Whoever puts forth the last wish will be subject to first user's conditions, closing the loop.

I will post the initial results this Saturday pre-E3 and update to see how these predictions pan out after E3.

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