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Keep it Classy: Is like having another soldier on the field


I was quite conflicted at the start of Borderlands, because while I watched a ton of videos about Borderlands 2 and knew which character did what on that one, I was completely clueless on this one. So after some 10+ minutes of thinking I decided to go with Roland. He gave me this serious/silent type vibes from the intro sequence which felt right at that very moment, but actually the more quiet one wasn't him.

 Borderlands is also known to be a quiet game, but between all the shooting, explosions, damage and "long distance calls" from NPC's I was having enough noise, but not enough company. Not having friends that wanted to play with me on couch co-op often and playing a 2009 game in 2015/2016 and hoping to find people online on my PS3 was also a strech, so I powered through the story Han Solo style with no Chewbacca. Or so I thought.

But later, when I reached lv. 5 I got my loyal companion, who sticked with me through it all, all the way to that disappointing ending. That's right: The Scorpio Turret!

It wasn't a gold retriever, but sure as hell was loyal as one. As I knew I wasn't gonna be good a damage dealer, I appreciated the help.

The turret allowed for some flanking as I deployed the turret from one side, then runned past a beam to go trigger-happy on an enemy from the other side, while for some reason, said enemy still tried to shoot at the turret (the reason for that is beyond my understanding, perhaps is poor programming, but whatever). The problem was that the cooldown until I could deploy the turret again was very long in the beginning of the game. But as I levelled up Roland, we both got stronger, as did our sacred bond between a man and his turret. I found a low-end shield that provided me with health regeneration relatively early in the game, and that was when my strategy was conceived: Since the enemies are all bullet sponges, I don't have to worry about one-shoting them, but outlasting them. So my battles were always somewhat long, but fun. And when these opportunities to flank an enemy appeared and I could succesfully execute them I felt like a real soldier/mercenary. It was a good feeling that simply wouldn't be possible without the turret in my circunstances for this playthrough. 


This was my skill tree (I'm Lv. 42 right now). It's a Lv. 40 picture, I was Lv. 36 when I finished my first playthrough. This setup allowed me to do just fine without having to grind or to hit a wall during the story and most of the side missions. It's mostly ideal for my playstyle, bare the "supply drop" point after I found a classmod which already gives me 60% ammo regeneration. Also worth noting: My most valuable skill was probably grenadier, because after I got the Transfusion grenade mod I always throw one or two grenades to help me keep my health high even during full frontal assaults. Of course this doesn't always worked out. So I had to get some better guns, such as Sledge's Shotgun (AKA Roland's Knockback Shotgun) and The Roaster

To help me put greater enemies down I'm using a corrosive artifact on the turret as its damage dealer, so between my action skill and The Roaster fire damage, and my generic current combat rifle which I use to stack even more damage on top of that, this is the 'combo' I use to take down the harder, spongier foes I encountered. So I was doing some pretty good damage. To round up the arsenal is a appropriate level sniper rifle, nothing special yet. But it's been working well so far.

Anyways this is my class of choice in Borderlands. I'm glad I chose it because Roland, the Scorpio Turret and I formed a great team, with some good stories to tell about the skirmish battles in Pandora. Borderlands wouldn't have been the same for me, if I picked another class.

 Also: Critical, biatch!

- Life is an online game. There's no pause.

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