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Be a part of my independent gaming magazine!


Hi Destructoid, Caz here. Hope you've all been well! I need your help (again)!


For those of you who don't remember me, and I'm sure that's most of you, I'm a Graphic Design student who made a gaming zine last year for a 2nd year project that DToid was kind enough to front page!


Now I'm about to graduate from University, which is just really terrifying exciting. 

However, before I'm able to put on a gown and get a degree, I have to hand in my Final Major Project, a piece of self initiated work. For me, this is going to be an expanded version of my Gaming Zine that I showed you all last year. Thanks to the amazing reception and support you guys showed last time, I got an A* grade for that project, and my teachers and classmates have encouraged me to return to it for my FMP. 

A double page spread I did on Journey

The mag is called 'A Profound Waste of Time' and is aiming to be a magazine centered around games as a creative medium, aimed at game enthusiasts and with a slant towards entry level game design, filled with bespoke illustrations. I want to make a publication that's passionate, honest, and something that people would love to own physically and collect. 

Thing is, I want it to be a significant step up from the last one, so if last year's was a 'zine' this one is aiming to be a full fledged independant magazine, with all the bells and whistles that come with that. If I'm going to achieve this I'll need some help, as it's just not feasible for me to be able to generate all of the content on my own in the time I have available. This is where you come in (hopefully).

Boktai needs more love.

Last time many of you said you'd like to be involved, so here's my question:

Would you be up for submitting an article to be featured in my magazine? 

If any of you have written game reviews, blog posts, or any writing related to games at all, I'd love to feature it. You'll be listed as contributors in the magazine, and get your names/usernames in print! This would be such a massive help to me, as it means I can spend more time illustrating and working on the editorial layout, instead of being bogged down in just writing all the time, which isn't really what I'll be getting marked on anyway. 

The magazine won't be sold or mass produced, so I won't be making any money and can't pay you, (sorry) BUT the magazine will be featured at my 3rd year degree show, where the FMP's will be looked at by professional designers and industry types! 

Please submit something, and If I think it would work with the tone of the rest of the mag and the layouts I have in mind, I'll be sure to include it! I can't guaruntee I'll include every submission I'm sent, but you'd be doing me such an amazing thing if you sent something in!

I'm looking for:

  • Reviews  - anywhere from around 1500 to 2000 words 
  • Editorials - can be about any aspect of game design or the industry
  • Blog posts - If you've written something already that you think could work please send it my way!

Please send any submissions to [email protected] with your name by Monday 6th June. 

I'm aware this is relatively short notice. but I want to leave as much time as possible to finalise everything before I send off to the printers.

You can check the prototype from last year in its entirety here. Please give it a look to get a sense of the magazine's tone of voice.

You guys were way to good to me last time, and I'm aware I may be pushing my luck asking for help a second time, but I just had to. Even if only one of you submits something you'll be helping me a huge amount. 

Thanks so much for your time guys!


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