Ths sounded awesome in my head, lets see how it pans out.


I recently made a request on the quickposts.  People were to leave one word in the comments.  I therefore am searching for images based on those comments and posting the most bizarre, amusing, or weird image I can find and get past the censors.  I'm a tad worried since there isn't a spell checker, but hold on to your butts, here we go.

hlarge 4 is a rule breaker here and used more than one word, but I decided to start with this request because it seemed like easy pickings.













When I saw Carrot Top I immediately thought of the "comedian" but was enlightened to find out it's also a MLP character.  I added both of them in the most interesting pics I could find.  Once done I stumbled on the creepy figurine image. Buy it for your 4 year old and you'll be guaranteed years of therapist visits...which is better than decades of therapy for a pic of prop comic Carrot Top or clopping to Pony boobs.



No idea what Chaffer is except aparently a last name.  Khalid Eternal Nigh made this tough, and while I found a pic of a guy who looked like Chubbs from Happy Gilmore, I settled on this image because it was interesting to me:






Made by someone named Derek Chaffer, it looks like a mix of the Iron Giant and some Steam Punk nightmare I keep having that involves a steam powered cheese grater.




weslikestacos' suggestion was littered with pictures of John C Reilly and Froot Loops...as I kept searching apparently Frank Sinatra was once not only a dingus, but a dirty one to boot.







Interestingly enough I figured that this search would help me find my next avatar, but what I found was way more....um...well here it is.




I like girls of all sizes, but I draw the line when they look like Pearl from the movie Blade.




Glad the safe search was on for this one until it turned out to be mostly generic crappy internet icon word art.  I dug deeper and found an image that really spoke to me about how the internet has affected my life.







Again, glad the safe search is on. Spieler Dad swinging forthe fences with that one.







While it looks like one of those corny jokes that would be in an R rated Reader's Digest, it made me chuckle. It was one of the 1st pics I saw too.



ikiryou whyyy? Well after seeing tons of pics of old ladies being moist, lots of cakes, and ugly people, I settled for this image because it was better than a family of asians in a kiddie pool. (Will post in comments).





Who doesn't like moist mondays?




Roma, cherry, plum?  Let's see:



Dick tomatoes anyone?



Ran into this about a hundred or so images down.  Me likey.







Mmmm, I'll take a cherry limeade with that.




Last but not least, teeth!  All the possibilities without safe seaqrch, but alas....maybe next time?
I chose this pic because it shouldn't make people throw up as much as other ones I found.






This is something I'm trying out.  Next time I may stick to 5 word suggestions and have the option to add another word to make the search more interesting.  Thank you for allowing me to make a prototype though!!

- https://www.twitch.tv/ein_the_retro_gamer

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