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One Hundred Reasons


Depending on who you ask, one hundred blogs is either a huge number or an impossibly small number. It probably depends on how long they've been doing it, and whether or not they're asshats whose online handles start with Z that can put out a fifth the length of a novel in a single blog. Not that I'm saying I know anyone like that or anything. Definitely not.

Either way, I'm now officially at the 100 landmark. So now what?

To tell the truth... At first I wasn't really sure what I wanted to write about for this. I wanted to do something for it, something to signify that feeling of "Hey! Look! I've written a whole hundred of these!" - but nothing that came to mind came easily or didn't feel like it couldn't just go in a regular blog. Stuff about me, stuff I liked-- I could do that any time, couldn't I?

And then I got to thinking. What got me to write a hundred blogs in the first place? What was it that made me stick around? Maybe if I focus on that, I'll figure it out. Surely, if I can figure it out, I'll be able to write about it and share it with you guys, right?

So... just what was it?

Was it because I didn't know where else to go? Was it because I couldn't find any alternatives? Was it because I'm like those settlers on those cable commercials?

Maybe. How can I be sure? Is there any way to tell?

... Okay, okay, yeah, I've got it. I've got a good one. Let's test this theory.

If I can't pull some reasons, no, a whole hundred reasons for why I blog here out of my ass right now, then clearly, I should just pack up right now and go.

That's right, you heard me everybody. We're doing this, or I'm hitting the road!






. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

... Welp!

 Guess it's time for me to go, guys. I'm sorry to cut this blog short before I could even celebrate, but as the wise men of anime say, it can't be helped.

I probably should have done this at something like, I dunno, five or twenty so that it was actually doable. I mean, who in their right mind would possibly be crazy enough to come up with...



51. Niero's Hot Mess: 10 Years of Destructoid Party Photos
Halfway through, let's stop for a party break! Destructoid turned ten years old this year, and in those ten years, the Mr. Destructoid helmet has gotten quite a lot of action it looks like. Here's to it getting more in the years to come! Maybe by the time we get to 11 or 12, there'll even be VR involved? ... Then again, maybe it's best if we don't ask for such things...

52. Joe Parlock's Cloud Strife is the newest Smash Bros. character
"Where were you when..." It's always fun to get to have been there for big events in the industry like this. Sure, they're things that people ten, twenty years from now will probably look back on as not that big of a deal, but even as someone who to date has only played a couple of Final Fantasy titles and never beaten one, this was an explosion. I hope everyone is still enjoying having Cloud in Smash. Me? I'm still waiting for Bomberman. Still waiting... Still waiting.

53. Michformer's Why anime first person shooters can be a match made in (gaming) heaven
The world seems desperate to abandom whimsical, colorful, ridiculous worlds, and everything between, and label that which is but takes itself seriously as weeb bait so it can roll around in grimdark seriousness. Well, screw that! Michformer takes a stand to make a case for anime-style first person shooters, and I say it's something we should all demand at our next TGS and E3. Maybe then we'll finally get that Call of Duty JRPG...

54. Dreamweaver's (NSFW) Porn Time/Dreamweavery
Dream is a great example of one of the elements that makes this site be this site. This is probably the most safe for work example of the bunch, but my point here is is that the site is a pretty open place about some stuff, and none better exemplify that aspect of things than the works of Dreamweaver. So keep on being you, and cut yourself some slack, dude!

55. Ben and CJ's Popping Cherries Series
According to what I've been told by the internet, the popping of a cherry is something you can only do once, but somehow these two gentleman managed to get through a nice number of them. Look on in wonder, perverse as it may be, if you wish, as Pokémon is Snapped, and more. I still haven't really popped any of these myself, come to think of it.

56. ObliqueZombie's What does it take to love a game?
Sometimes you just can't make yourself get into a game. There can be a lot of reasons for this, but one that hit ObliqueZombie was how games compared to each other. How some games could follow some rules, yet others had completely different rules. The transition from one to the other, while trying to get into JRPGs, made it tough getting into the genre at first. But getting past this allowed them to tackle and enjoy other games a lot more as a result, and maybe their advice will carry on and apply to you as well, should you be willing to let it!

57. True Green Sphere's Do Gamers Have a Duty to their Games?
A lot of people loved Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. I couldn't finish it and left feeling disappointed with what felt like a cheap game that didn't even compare to its DS predecessors from a decade earlier in terms of content. Yet I kept asking myself, all thoughout: Was I playing this the wrong way? Was it my fault I wasn't enjoying this game other people seemed to be enjoying so much? Are those types of questions you've ever thought to yourself? True Green Sphere tackles this heavy subject fairly well in this blog, and it's definitely worth the read if you think about development or creating any kind of content at all, or even if you're just into observing video games, whether from a critical standpoint other otherwise.

58. Josh Tolentino's Personal Picks for Game of the Year 2015
Without a doubt, Josh's was one of my favorite takes on a GOTY list, and the reason why is probably pretty obvious. I mean, besides the anime. It was a damn entertaining read! Josh, wherever you are, wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing, keep up the good work.

59. JoyfulSanity's The RPG Maker Buyer's Guide
The RPG Maker series of, well, RPG Makers can seem like a daunting series of tools to newcomers who are trying to break into development. Thankfully, there are helpful folks like JoyfulSanity out there willing to share their knowledge with guides like this, and good on them for that. Let's thank them by showing some good games to the world in return, huh?

60. SrChurro's Tips: How to not give up on RPG Maker
Speaking of helpful folks out there, let's say you followed JoyfulSanity's advice, but now you find yourself faced with the daunting challenge of actually making a game. I've definitely been there. Well never fear, Destructoid, because SrChurro is here, and they've got some advice for what we should do when we're faced with the overwhelming beast that is this video game creation tool.

61. SeymourDuncan17's Everyday is great at your Junes!
SeymourDuncan loves him his Personas. Persona 4 in particular hit a real sweet spot with him, as it did many, and to celebrate it, he set off on a grand quest to unleash a blog every day of the month of June last year. Though his quest ended prematurely, he got damn far into it, and it was all for the love of a game. If that's not a love we can all relate to, then I don't know what is. Be proud, Seymour! Be proud!

62.  SpielerDad's Selling games online is like the Wild West but I can't shoot anyone
Whatever the reason, gamers seem to fall right in line with the type that are pretty likely to end up being collectors of something. Just take a look at how amiibo turned out! Still, even if you don't make an effort to collect, you might find yourself with more than you need or want to have, as SpielerDad did. So take it from him: Don't take sass, and expect to feel like you're selling drugs rather than products related to one of the biggest industries around right now. Duly noted, sir!

63. AvtrSpirit's A Better Class of Game Criticism
Chances are you've seen or heard a review of a game that you had a problem with for one reason or another. Maybe one in, say, a post of some kind or another. AvtrSpirit's four-part series of blogs takes an in depth look at how they feel game criticism could improve, and I hope it goes without saying that it's a really good read.

64. Vikki Blake's Do you love P.T. enough to pay  £1000 for it?
Does anyone even really remember P.T. anymore? Surely, people must after all the hubbub. Buying a used console with someone else's account attached was a thing people were seriously considering doing, and sellers were seriously doing it on top of that at the time! Yet del Toro tweeted an image of the game the other day and you didn't see a peep of it here. Crazy, huh? Whatever the case, I hear you on horror games, Vikki, but I'm trying to get better at them. Very slowly.

65. Zack Furniss' Silent Hills team would have included horror manga created Junji Ito
While I'm opening old wounds (hey, mine are being opened here too, you know!), who could forget that this was going to be part of that too? To think all of that was only happening just a year ago, huh? It really doesn't feel like it.

66. CannibalSteven's Photo Albums
Being a bit of a "oh god, spoilers, where!? get the army!" type, I only sort of skimmed these PhotoAlbum blogs of CannibalSteven's, but I have to say that the approach to blogging is really cool. Extremely image heavy, so be warned, but it's very pleasing to the eyes and just... pleasant? Odd to say considering the subject matter of the games in question, I guess, but I really like what was done here.

67. Mike Wallace's I want a Cybertron sequel
Are the Transformers movies still so relevant that all properties need to tie into them? Yes? No? Am I just really out of the loop? Regardless, Mike correctly asserts to the world that we are in dire need of a sequel to last gen's War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron titles, and you can be damn sure I'm right behind him on this one. Yeeeeessssss.

68. Bardley's Do you dream about video games?
These days, I dream so rarely that I actually had to stop for a minute and remember "dream" actually doesn't usually refer to "dreams" like "aspirations," there's another kind of dreams. Maybe that's testament to how rarely I enter "deep sleep"? Bardley recounts their dreams, tells about their dream notebook (something I've always wanted to try but never been able to do), and even being able to control the dream. Sadly, as fascinating as it is, my mind just goes to writing ideas and how the idea of a dream could be used in a story, rather than to memories of my own dreams. I guess the answer is "not anymore," then. How about you guys?

69. Kyle MacGregor's A Gardevoir for all Seasons
Every season gets one. Summer gets a Gardevoir. Autumn gets a Gardevoir. Winter gets a Gardevoir. Spring gets a Gardevoir. Everyone gets a Gardevoir!

70. SeymourDuncan17's Everyday is great at your Junes! FINALE!
If sixty-one gets the first of this series, then it's natural for sixty-ten to get the last one, right? Seriously though, blogging every day can be rough, and let's give Seymour credit, these were quality blogs all about one video game. That deserves some applause, folks. Believe it or not, young ones, before the fog of quickposts began to swallow our town of Destructinaba, we actually used to have users who pulled this off from time to time... So we must remember. We must always remind ourselves!

Everyday is great at your Junes!

71. JamesInternetEgo's 1 Year at Destructoid
With as many people frequenting the site as there are, it almost seems like every day would be someone's anniversary. For his first, James reflects on the things that makes him happy about where he is now and what he wants to do going forward. I'm feeling a whole lot of that mysef lately, and I don't mean to presume, but it's that sort of feeling I can relate to when it comes to these anniversaries. Still, dude, I remember when you joined; you sat through The Great Destructoid Reshaping with the rest of us, and now you're on the recap team at that! Way to go, man. Keep on trucking.

72. Pixie's What motivates your creation of a character?
Predating Initation Station by quite a bit (though I am happy to see my comment on this matches up with my response), Pixie delves into the topic of character creation and how she's made some of her custom characters in the past, how they take on lives of their own for her. I can't say I disagree that how we make characters can speak to our selves, but maybe you, random reader, disagree? We've had plenty of blogs about this one, so dig around and see what you think.

73. Robo Panda Z's Doujin Game Review: Unholy Heights
The doujin game scene is a vast and mysterious place, and most of it isn't particularly known to the naked eye outside of Japan. Except the naked things you can see with your naked eye, anyway, but that's not even the start of it! Thankfully, Robo Panda Z offers a glimpse into this world with their review of Unholy Heights. It sounds kind of neat, to be honest, though your mileage may vary on this one.

74. wutangclam's What we talk about when we talk about loving video games
With all the cynicsm surrounding games, writing about games, talking about games, and so on, wutangclam's blog about what it means to write about and talk about genuinely loving the medium, something so often dismissed as either a source of toys or nothing more than products now, strikes me with a sincerity and warmth you don't get from a lot of writers. On a site for bloggers and writers by bloggers and writers, I think this should be right at home.

75. Brett Makedonski's Tauros is how you objectively kick ass at Pokémon 
I admit, I've become something of an anti-genwunner as of late. Maybe I just don't have nostalgia for much, or maybe it's that I still enjoy and stuck with a lot of the things people just gave up on and only have nostalgia for, but that's how it works out. Still, it's always fun to remember old school meta, and as Brett puts it, it ain't no bull.

76. Jordan Devore's Pokémon Blue Review
Speaking of classic Pokémon... Did Destructoid seriously take the time to review the old games? Why yes, yes it did. And taking a look at what good ol' Blue got here... Lucky 7s, Blue Master Race, and the natural acknowledgement that Blastoise > Charizard? I don't think more needs to be said here, my friends.

77. VeryImportantQuestion's Can we address the one trainer from Mewtwo Strikes Back who's on fucking point?
And while just we're riding right along this classic Pokémon train, let's look to VeryImportantQuestion, who asks yet another Very Important Question in this blog. You know what? You've got a damn good point here about this fellow from the movie... Well. Right up until that last line. Imma fightcha on that one for some older Pokémon in Pokken, buddy.

78. SirDavies' Eleven indie games that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 2016
That's a pretty bold claim, your lordship! Lucky for you, these games do all look like they might be pretty rad. Some of them have even seen some gameplay, if not releases of some sort, since this blog. It does go to show that there really is a ton of content out there and many of us barely even scratch at the surface of it all, and at times, it's only because of our bloggers and community that games that don't pop up on the front page are ever seen on the site. Thanks for bringing these to our attention, SirDavies!

79. LinkSlayer64's Game Series I'm Glad Exist But Don't Play or Watch
I've heard more than once that "(this series) needs to die" or "(that series) should never have been made." It's an honestly depressing perspective to hear, but it's times like this I'm glad that there are folks who can stop to take the time to be thankful for things they don't play or even view still exist. As it so happens, I'm pretty glad games like Final Fantasy are around too, even if my experience with them is next to nothing as well. Their influence in the industry alone is something to be immensely thankful for.

80. Retrofraction's When Time Melts
The subject of time is, at times, a terrifying one to me. I can't slip into that super focused state when I work nearly as often that Retrofraction talks about early in his blog, but more and more, I do feel the days zooming by. The blogs I wrote about writing in games, for instance, felt like they were only written a little while ago. Of course, here I am, having been working on this one blog for nearly two weeks now.

Of all the things to melt, I wish it wasn't time.

81. Dr. Mel's The Player's Place: Interactive Story vs Role Play
Writing in games is a topic I think a looooot about. The good doctor's blog goes not only to places like the "self insert hero" versus the protagonist you follow, but even goes as far as to discuss how different perspective styles and gameplay mechanics effect how effective these different types of narratives work on the player. As games continue to push stories (about time!), these are the kinds of things I suspect, and hope, we'll think about more and more, hopefully as we think less about all the nonsense people prefer to argue about instead.

82. Alisa McAloon's Starless Review
This is one of the articles on the site that is actually painful to read. It's not because it's poorly written or anything. It just... hurts. No, I'm not crossing my legs. Why do you ask? Are you?

83. xtravisage's Why the DK Rap is One of Gaming's Best Tutorials
There's definitely a balance between games with complicated systems and the tutorials that explain them to us that we haven't stumbled onto yet. Personally, so long as I can flip back to them at any time, I really don't mind having in-game manuals like in some JRPGs that just dump info at you, but I know most gamers don't like to read (and I hear they don't have much of an attention span anymore either...), so it's understandable I'm in the minority there. Even so, I can't say I'd be at all opposed to more "tutorials" like this crazy rap if they got the message across every time. It actually strikes me as pretty clever, when you go in looking for it. Maybe someday, right?

84. FakePlasticTree's Persona 3: Death Living With Determination
Although Persona 4 managed to steal the show for many, FakePlasticTree offers Dtoid's blogging scene a compelling take on Persona 3. I still remember first hearing about the game with the most "edgy" description possible, and so I avoided it thinking it was something completely different. I think if I'd heard FakePlasticTree describe it, though, I probably would've picked it up that same day.

85. RadicalYoseph's Luigi more awsomer than Tails
But Shadow is bettrerer than Wareo and Sonic Boomed Mario's Galaxy, so Teals doe'snt mtater anwyay.

... You just had to be there, okay?

86. JPF720's A trip to Spain and the search for a dream
I don't think many of us can legitimately say we've met our idols. In some cases, we've may not even be able to say we've ever been in the same country and/or time period as our idols. JPF720, on the other hand, recounts his adventure in Spain, where he crossed paths with one of his without even knowing it and so much more. Well worth a look, this two-parter.

87. ShadeOfLight's To Absent Friends: Memories of a Nuzlocke Champion
In another more recent story, as Pokémon fever reached fever pitch, Shade took those of us watching the quick post section along with them on a journey through Johto. It was a journey not without its share of hardships, some even experienced right at the very end, but at last, Shade was able to stand tall... the conquerer of their Nuzlocke. A good, fun read right here, and even if you're only a little familiar with Pokemon, I think you can get a kick out of it. I've always wanted to do one of these, and maybe when I do, I'll share it with you guys!

88. Elsa's Our "authentic self"
I really love this blog. Even though I'm not as big into character creation and games built around that type of narrative, the idea of being free of the expectations of society, expectations, and having the freedom of a game world are all things I can certainly appreciate. Perhaps when I'm sure what my "authentic self" is, I'll be better able to grasp this. Yet I also feel like a lot of what Elsa talks about regarding character creation can and should apply to the creation of characters in fiction too. The worlds of fantasy, whether they're fantasies we create for ourselves within the context of a game or a fantasies we create to share with others, are all fantasies we should have the freedom to explore.

89. TheBlondeBass' Keeping your attention in '16
Huh? What? Whoa! That thing I heard about attention spans was right! TheBlondeBass addresses the topic of attention spans, how ours are collapsing faster than a goldfish down a toilet, and you know I distinctly remember having this open at one point and intending to reply to it. I also know this is true for so many, many things. What was I saying about goldfish again? ... My god. I truly fear for our future.

90. Steven Hansen's Starter Pokémon Poll & Results
Now for some extremely recent content! If there's anything that gets people up in arms, it's sex in video games and starter Pokémon. Thankfully, so long as people understand that 1: Snivy's giant eyeball (do you ever actually see two at once? does it even look like it has room for two at once?) and pointy pencil face make it look weird and boring at the same time, 2: Fennekin is a disproportioned mutant that robbed the place a better looking dog Pokemon should have had, and 3: these are just comically exaggerated opinions and we're cool, bae, we're cool, then I think we'll be okay.

91. Brittany Vincent's I'm Leaving Destructoid, deuces! & Mr. Andy Dixon's I love you all and that's why I'm retiring from Dtoid
Some of you reading this probably don't know who these or some of the other people I've linked to are. Others probably remember them fondly. That's okay! Thankfully, if you ever get curious or you ever want to reminisce, it's nice that the memories are just a click away. Even though some of the people I've linked to here, like such site legends as Brittany and Andy, and most certainly archived through blogs and comments on this site, are no longer regulars, that doesn't mean they've been forgotten by the people who stuck around. Never forget!

92. LordSpencer's Why I Cry for Satoru Iwata
Satoru Iwata's death affected us in a lot of different ways. It was a blow to the gaming community that some may argue we still have yet to really recover from. LordSpencer opened up to us about how this passing of such a great man got to him, and although I wasn't able to truly relate or understand until musician Koji Wada passed earlier this year, his words still ring true. Rest In Peace, Iwata-san.

93. Occams' Thoughts: Quagmire
As I read over his thoughts on a topic I suspect a lot of gamers of today are forced to tackle (that of having too many choices), I can't help but think it's a good thing Occams doesn't blog much. If the rest of us were forced to stand aside such an eloquent and concise writer on a regular basis, well, we'd all probably be a lot more reasonable and calm just due to the exposure. At least we've still got him there to have the effect in comment sections.

94. Mike Martin's I love: My Dick
I, uh, I hope Mike won't be bothered by my digging this old thing up, but this is legitimately one of my earliest memories of the website's community section. I remember seeing it and thinking what the fuck, or... something to the effect when I first saw it. It was funny, don't get me wrong, but I didn't expect to see something like that on a site like this. In some ways, it still surprises me, but that's one of the things that makes it such a beloved place to those of us who find it so beloved, you know? Suffice to say, it was an early look at just what I was getting into.

95. Pixie's I'll face myself: Transcending the gender binary in games
Crazy humor isn't the only thing Destructoid offers, though. Pixie shares her story with the community. It's a reminder of how important positive role models in games, in any medium, can be, and how the stories can reach us regardless of whether or not we share a gender or or race or sexuality with those being portrayed within them. It's also a testament to how the community can be open and so open minded to its members, from whatever background they come. Though it's a few years late, thank you for sharing that piece with us, Pixie.

96. Manchild's Father's Day
Full disclosure on this one. I never commented on it, never said anything, but I've probably come back to it a good half a dozen times since it was posted, at least. Like I've not-so-subtly hinted at a few times, my relationship with my own male parent is... complex, to say the absolute least, and reading this hit me pretty hard. It's a beautiful piece and I encourage anyone just scrolling through to stop and at least open this one in a tab, so long as you don't mind having your heart ache a little afterwards.

97. RedHeadPeak's Adventures of the Gamer-Teacher: 'trigger words' for gamer distraction
On a more positive note, here we have RedHeadPeak sharing some of their experiences as a teacher with us. When you think about vocabulary, most people probably think more about definitions, rather than how we react to words, but RedHeadPeak's stories of how different words can bring up gaming experiences in students really does ring true the more I think on it.

98. Roberto Plankton's 109 Dtoiders Drawn
With this year being Destructoid's tenth anniversary, naturally, that means there was a fourth, a sixth, and of course, a ninth anniversary before that, among a few others. Last year, community member Roberto Plankton unleashed drawings of 109 of the members of the community onto the world in celebration of the event, a real testament to how tight knit the community could be.

99. OverlordZetta's What's in a number? Zetta's 99th Blog at Destructoid
... and now we come full circle with this!

I don't want to get too meta here and start reflecting on a blog where I already reflected on things, but when I look back at my first blog to this one, I really can see a lot. I can remember when it was, how things were going for me at the time, what was happening, and quite a few things more. There are things I can't remember either, which is frustrating, but that's life, I guess.

Reading over all these blogs and articles and reading over my own, I really do see aspects of my past self I want to recapture, some that I think I need to recapture. I don't want to go back in time and change history or anything, but there are parts of me I see in my writing from 2014 and 2015 that I know aren't here anymore. There's a spirit, a joy even, that's flickered or dimmed. Perhaps it's less a statement to me and more to changing of circumstances, but whatever the case, I want to work towards that goal of a better me however I can. If I can. Likewise, I see some things I've gained as well, so it's not like it's all bad, but even so.

A lot of stuff has changed since those early blogs of mine, but at the same time, some things really haven't. It really is funny that I started off with a Pokémon blog and now we're all in Pokémon fever (we sure weren't when I started writing this!). I'm still not that big on HGSS or GSC, that's for sure! It might have been more appropriate to reflect on that second blog, come to think of it. That first one was more like an extended comment, really... which is kind of funny, since I probably write longer actual comments nowadays.

I don't know for sure how long I'll write here at Destructoid, be it for another two years, another two weeks, or until it closes shop for good. I do know I am who I am now because I've been here writing for as long I have, but likewise, I do think about up and ditching the joint more and more as I recognize there's more I want to do with my writing besides blogging.

Still, on a personal level, even if I've only been changed slightly, really, just having spent the time here has helped make me who I am today, so I owe you guys that much, you know? We owe all our experiences in life that. No matter how it all goes. Sometimes I'll be frustrated and sometimes I'll be pleased with how things happen here, and sometimes I wish things could be addressed from other perspectives, and other times, I wish things could just be addressed at all, regardless of the spin. I suspect a fair number of people can probably relate to that feeling.

People are very complex. We should try to remember that there's more to things out there than all of the drama people get so worked up over, and so I wanted to put this together as a reminder that there's a lot of fun and good and thoughtful people and words here, and they are and have been here no matter what happens, what what game gets in a score, or what someone says about your favoritest thing. We don't have to keep it in mind every moment of every day, and yeah, it's only human to be bothered and to express it sometimes, but that doesn't mean there's no good or beauty in things either.

Weird stuff happens. Funny stuff happens. Beautiful stuff happens. Inspirational stuff happens. It often depends on how you look at it, but even so! Isn't one of the biggest problems this medium is dealing with right now is people not having an open mind about it all? Sure, crappy stuff happens too, but that's what you have toilets for, to flush it away so you can focus on the bigger picture!

With that in mind, I'd say now's a good time to stop stalling and finish this list.

Drumroll, please...!

100. The Community

The Cblog Recaps; Daily Recaps, Monthly Best Ofs, Yearly Round Ups

Comments of the Week

Community Interviews

Community Meetups

Friday Night Fights

Secret Santa

Band of Bloggers

Community Replay

Dtoid Designs

All of you who put in this extra effort for the community have put up with anything from lousy editors, formatting issues, quickposts sucking away potential bloggers, waning interest, and even so this changing community, shifting along as time continues to move, has managed to keep on trucking. Those of you who take part in these things to make sure those efforts don't go to waste. Those of you who just take part period.

You are all some of the biggest reasons why this site and its blogging, gaming, writing, and just overall community is what it is. I want you guys, recappers and everyone else, to know that you're appreciated.

I was inspired to start blogging here not because we have a Twitter system or that we have a blogging function in and of itself. The latter just got me to write one blog. Had the former been here when I first discovered the site, I hesitate to say whether or not I would have started blogging here at all, let alone get to one hundred of these.

No, it was a Bloggers Wanted prompt was what got me to write here more seriously. That that prompt got a response, a response from someone who was part of this great big community, was what got me to to stay. Even the Twitter system, our Quick Posts, it only works because of the people here that use it. No matter what anyone ever tells you, all of these systems only really work because of the people using and enjoying them. Together.

Remember that. Hold onto that. Don't let disagreements about video games, no matter how hostile or toxic or dramatic they may get, get in the way of that. Video games may have been what brought you together, but once you put that much into something, I can't imagine they're the only thing holding you there.

I've had a lot to think about and see as I've looked back over these blogs from the past almost-two-years of my time at Destructoid, and I'd say I've found a good hundred or so reasons worth being here in this blog. I've also seen plenty of reasons someone might want to not stay here, but that's the beauty of it. I can choose which things I focus on, which things I decide matter more. I can also pinpoint a lot of things better now, and it really has provided me with the ability to do some real reflection. That's the beauty of the internet. Shame I didn't do it sooner.

To me, Destructoid provided something different, something fun and positive, something that anyone could be a part of, whether they wrote on the front page or had just stumbled there that day, and honestly, for me, I wonder if that's still there. Whether it is or isn't, I hope the people who stick around will find it and be able to hold onto it, whatever it is.

Just look at how much I was able to pull up here, how many different voices I could draw from and appreciate by looking back just at my own time spent on this website, and I haven't even been here all that long.

I like to think people who visit can get something positive out of it, but I also recognize it's increasingly difficult as of late. If I can be totally truthful, one reason I did this really was to find the answer to the question I posed at the start of this. With that in mind, I hope this attempt at positivity helps. At the very least, it's my reminder to both myself and to everyone who stumbles onto it that this place is full of very different people who are all great in their own ways, no matter where we end up at the end of the day, you know what I mean?

And to anyone I didn't include, I hope I didn't make you feel left out, because that wasn't my intention at all. I didn't want to cheat and pick from blogs from before I joined here that I hadn't seen then, so much as there were some people I did want to add content for, even though you're all over the comments, you guys haven't blogged at all recently! And to those of you who are only in the quick posts, maybe give blogging once in a while a try as well!

Now with all this said and done, when my actual two year anniversary comes around, provided I'm still around and active, I might take that chance to stop and look back at some of my old blogs or do an AMA or something since that's more the traditional route to go with these things. Who knows?

In any case, I hope everyone enjoyed this trip down memory lane! Now go on and read some of those year old blogs you opened in those extra tabs!

Your porn will be there when you're done.

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