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It's Time For Mass Effect


Hey guys, You might remember me as someone who was overly fond of Mass Effect. You also might not remember me at all, that's actually more likely.  Since I just wrote a thing about Mass Effect Andromeda now seemed like a good time to get started on my yearly replay of the series. This year I thought I'd try something a little different and do one of those new fangled youtubes of it. 

So yeah, if you want you can come watch me play the first Mass Effect. I'm not overly witty and since I'm not used to keeping up running commentary it's mostly just me making sarcastic comments to the characters and occasionally singing to myself. It's actually super awkward... 

Since I've played through the series multiple times I try to keep it interesting for myself by crafting little meta stories while I play. I do a horrible job of explaining this in the video because I'm better with typing words than mouthing them, if you know what I mean. The theme of this playthrough originally started with the idea of an incompetent, but extraordinarily lucky guy named Shepard. So, what if when the alliance was trying to track down their first human Spectre candidate they got the wrong guy? 

Same name, same rank, but not the same skills or abilities that they were seeking. I initially referred to him as Derp Shepard. I also toyed with naming him Shep Shepard so his romantic partners wouldn't always sound so formal when addressing him. In the end I choose Comandurr Shepard because sometimes I am an 8 year old boy. 

The tricky part become apparent almost immediately in the dialogue options. See BioWare gives you the choice to be good, bad, or neutral, not indiffererent or mostly confused. So Shepard has his work cut out for him. He's not allowed to investigate too much or think too far outside the box. Also, in the name of mixing in some new choices to see how things play out I'm not going to recruit all the available teammates and will for the first time ever choose Ashley over Kaiden. Not because Kaiden is great, if anything I'm realizing how much of a nerd he is this time around, but just because I've never really appreciated Ashley. Finally she will get her chance to shine. 

The first episode is me (poorly) explaining what I'm planning for the series and trying not to stumble over my words too much. Spoiler alert, I fail hard. 

If for some reason this hasn't convinced you to pull out of here in a hurry I invite you to head over to Youtube. Maybe you've been waiting for someone to make poor choices in Mass Effect just to see what happens? If so, I'm your girl. Feedback much appreciated because, as previously mentioned, I really have no idea what I'm doing. 

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