Quick confession on Bathroom Transgression.


So I see that the Cliffy B article got some people to go full retard.  That said, as I see this argument go back and forth between bigots, paranoid people, ignorant folks, and people who just want everyone to be happy, all I want to do is share my experience in bathroom creepiness.

So during my second year in college I went to the mall with some friends and after ordering my food at the food court I feel the urge to take a crap (sadly).  I rush to the Movie Theater Bathrooms because they're empty since it was only 11:00 am.  I do my usual ritual of crucifying the toilet in a TP job around the rim and sit down to poop.  Unfortunately there was someone else near me. 

As I'm readying to crap this weirdo starts to kneel next to my stall like he's gonna limbo under it then starts to fucking fap and make weird grunting noises.  I say in spanish "What the fuck is your problem" and before I even finish I wipe and get the fuck out of there because fuck confronting some weird bathroom poop fapper.

That said, the only time I've ever had a creepy experience in 37 years was a non transgender fucktard back in 1998.  So shut the fuck up about transgenders. seems like these people don't care that A) Male pedophiles can take little boys just as easy and B) This isn't going to make it so that men go oogle at women in the toilets.

Also, watch out for snakes.

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