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I <3 Animu


That's exactly how it works, kids

I was just thinking the other evening about how much I really do enjoy anime, and for various reasons. As we all do, I've been hitting a bit of a slump in life lately, and it's been challenging at times to pull things together. Many of us have various outlets to do thise - some of us like to exercise, some of us like to play video games, some of us like to draw, or do other extracurricular activities to help get our minds back on track. Me? I like watching Nyaruko or Lucky Star! Anime is a great outlet for letting you get things back on track, and sometimes for me it can even be therapeutic.


When I was a little girl growing up, I remember the first time I saw the show Sailor Moon. I think all of us had SOME sort of reaction to that show in one way or another (boys, I know she was your original waifu), but to me that show really opened my eyes to the concept of fantasy. I loved how Sailor Moon was just an average girl, but had the magical powers and abilities to do fantastic things. She was like an awesome space cowgirl, fighting the bad guys and chasing the cute guy ;3 it was everything that a little girl could hope for. I remember often daydreaming about what it would like to be a Sailor scout, and sometimes I would use dolls to even role play various scenarios. Yeah, I was just that awesome as a little girl!

There are many elements to anime that really open up my mind. I have always been an artsy girl, and I have always been attracted to the artistic styles and coloring that goes along with anime. The way that artist could create characters and give them such unique expressions and make them look so colorful and unique was always something I admired, and still do to this day. I certainly wish I had the talent to draw anime art and characters as well as those who do for shows like Attack On Titan, Nyaruko, even Lucky Star. It takes a lot of skill and talent to create a cartoon in any shape or form - it must have originality, and a style that will draw in it's audience. Over the years, anime has progressively gotten better with artistic design, and it has become easy to get lost in a show.


Furthermore, one of the things that I feel gets overlooked the most easily when it comes to anime is the fact that there are so many shows that have a GREAT story or meaning behind them. I mean look...I've sat down on the couch with a pint of ice cream and cried my way through a couple of soap operas, tv series, whatever, but I find that many of the anime series I have grown to adore truly have a lot of depth and meaning in their story. Despite the awkward names of many shows, and the often misleading characters and situations that we see early on, anime brings stories to life in a way that certain shows simply can't. I think of Angel Beats and how much that show truly dug into me, and how it twisted and turned at all of the most critical moments...truly an experience like I've never had before

Yeah...I'm still trying to figure out Bobobo too...

Like anything in life, there will always be downers and naysayers. As a matter of fact, when I first came to dtoid and started using the forums regularly, I really liked it and started sharing my experience with a lot of my guy friends (I'm a tomboy, I have friends who are guys). I loved dtoid because it was an outlet for me to unleash my inner nerd-girl, I could talk about video games and anime all I wanted to and it was considered the norm. Well...my macho friends didn't think the same way. As a matter of fact, I've had to deal with this negative stigma almost my whole life that anime was "childish" and weird. Lots of people get this ignorant perception that anime is just perverted and freaky all the time, and it's really just not. True, some shows do have a ecchi side, and sure sometimes the stories can get pretty twisted, but I hav always found that the beauty of anime was in the fact that the boundaries for fantasy was limitless, and in many ways you could just open up your mind to many creative concepts and ideas. Maybe that does make me weird and freaky...idk. I've kinda reached the point where when I get crap for that sort of thing, I just kind of shake my head and kindly tell them to "efff off". After all, no matter who you are or what you do in life, there will always be SOMEBODY trying to knock you down a peg.

Got a favorite show you'd like to share? What shows really reach out to you, and why? I'd love to hear about it! Get all your Neps lined up and share a tale with your buddy Blaze, and of course have a GREAT weekend!

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