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Pre-Star Fox Zero rambling...


On Friday, Star Fox Zero comes out and with it the long dormant franchise in an effort to bring it back from the dead, and if the reviews and sales are generous, for good this time.

I sure as hell would love to see this franchise to remain on Nintendo's radar, its genre and characters simply don't exist outside of it. There are flight sims and shmups, but none are like Star Fox. There are bright and colorful furry woodlin creatures doing awesome sci-fi shit, but not enough anymore to my liking, goddammit! Nintendo made the effort with Fire Emblem, they can do it with Star Fox. (Fire Emblem didn't have to deal with esoteric control schemes that piss off Polygon reviewers but whatever). 

(Though I would like to befriely mention the Polygon review thing. Uh, when you're website is plastered with ads for the fucking game, have been covering the game months in advance, and have been given a review copy from the publisher, a review with the modicum of professionalism by someone paid to review games for a living isn't too much to ask for).

But, man, this is a weird game. A remake of an old N64 title for a presumably dying console with gyro controls that has been a pet project of Shigeru Miyamoto for almost a decade. It sparks a lot of 'what if's': what if this game managed to come out when it was originally planned for the Wii, what would it look like? If Nintendo wasn't in the middle of making another console would this game have been given a longer dev cycle; would the game have online mutliplayer?

And Star Fox Guard! The most interesting thing for me. A neat little spin off game set in the Star Fox universe that also serves as a way to justify the game's $60 price tag. Nintendo has been experimenting with prices lately with Captain Toad, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse; so it's nice to see them keep the pattern of relatively cheaper games that do something different in terms of gameplay. 

Also, I have this kickass Star Fox Zero fanfic I want to write after I finish Zero. So there's also that. 

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