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How to have the sexism debate 101: 5 steps to a happier life


Over the recent years people have started to become less forgiving on the topic of sexism in video games. Both the people calling for change and those rallying in defence of their games seem for the most part incredibly incapable of having an actually discussion. But fear not, I, a champion of the heavens have been send to show you the light and guide you through the darkness.

Just for you I made this ultimate survival guide on how to survive the sexism debate. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to a happy life

step 1: Calm down

Let’s start off with an easy one shall we? So someone dislikes certain features in a game you think are amazing, or you think a certain outfit is objectification or don’t agree with an art direction the game has taken. Whatever the case, the first step is calming down. Nothing too hard, just take a minute to rethink your arguments and rethink those of the other parties as well before you take to the internet. It’s an easy step and it will save you a lot of bitterness, hate and other unpleasant things that you can then replace with happiness and food.

step2: Does it affect you?

Once again a simple step to avoid a lot of lively pleasantries. Whenever someone calls for a change in a game, design, … Ask yourself, does this affect me? If there is one overly sexy outfit in a game that you don’t like, ask yourself. Does this affect me? If the answer is no, than why are you even mad to begin with? If you find the answer is yes then you can move on to step number.

step 3: Designing your argument

This is it. This is where you make your stand. This is where you hold the line. THIS IS WHERE YOU FIGHT! All drama aside, if your argument begins and or ends with things like “but it’s sexist”, “you argument is not valid cause you’re an SJW”, “it’s just not fair” or my favourite “my opinion is the only valid one because I’m the only true fan of the game.”,…. Then you may want to rethink your statement and or your life. Just try to think of what it is that you can add to the conversation. And if the answer is nothing, well just chill out and go play some video games. If you actually have something meaningful to say then do so an orderly fashion trying to create a middle ground instead of drawing lines in the sand.

step 4: Dealing with feedback

This may be the hardest step in the process. The almost unsurmountable task, the end boss of social interaction. What should you do when someone doesn’t agree with you? What steps can you take to demolish their response to your clearly superior ideas? First of all go back to step 1. Then look at the actual feedback you got. Is it designed as an insult? Is it an attempt to provide insight? Is he or she speaking from experience?

Ones you did that, when you discovered what the purpose of the response was, only then can you get back to step 3.

step 5: Empathy

You remember how I said step 4 was the hardest? I lied. Because I want you to actually look at the matters at hand from someone else’s standing. Key to having a civil discussion is understanding that everyone is shaped by different experiences making them a unique person. As a result everyone will have different opinions, an sometimes no matter how logical you think your arguments are you won’t be able to convince them. And that’s perfectly OK.

Thank god we live in a world where no two people are the same. Some people may feel tracer’s pose in Overwatch may be objectifying woman, and that’s ok. You may think they’re full of shit, and that’s also ok. It’s just about time that we start to accept that everyone went through a different process in live resulting in giving them different views on certain topics then others, AND IT’S O K. It’s only when people start calling out people who stray from the majority as SJW’s, or start branding their articles as clickbait, it is then that a problem is developed. The problem here is not diversity, it’s those who can’t deal with it.

Note that this can be applied to far more than just sexism an please do so, you will become happier in you daily life, or you get your money back.

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