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Introducing Battle of Fate: Heroes of Championia


From the makers of Puzzle Matcher Adventure and the publisher of Groovin' Hooves: Funky Bovine 2 comes a brand new competitive experience like any other: 

Battle of Fate Heroes of Championia

Battle of Fate is an exciting new multiplyer online tactical strategy class-based shooter role-playing competitive arena esports battle simulator, and your new favorite game. Here are just some of the exciting features awaiting you in Battle of Fate:

Colorful Cartoon Graphics

Tired of realism? Wish your favorite game looked like a Pixar knockoff? Well Battle of Fate is the game for you! We've got thousands of colors. So many colors, you probably won't be able to tell what's going on half the time because of all the rainbow explosions!

Unique Progression System

In Battle of Fate, your character will level up during a match, allowing you to change your strategy on the fly depending on how the match is going. Choose from 30 unique abilities, 20 of which you'll never see because you chose your play style long ago and never stray from it.

Over 400 Unbelievable Heroes

Battle of Fate features over 400 completely unique heroes and three classes to choose from. Some of the epic characters you can play as include:

  • Dumprump, Lord of Toilet Tissue
  • Jasper The Visible Ghost
  • Colonel Crust
  • Sweet Lady Jessabelle
  • Dong Bong The Mighty 
  • Sagtits The Swamp Hag
  • Literal Lightning
  • Sally Skidmarks
  • Gravy Boat Johnson
  • Two Guns in a Bowler Hat
  • Terry, The Toaster What Lost His Mind
  • Gorn The Skullcrusher
Exclusive 2nd Person Perspective
Battle of Fate features a unique and unprecedented 2nd person viewpoint! Experience the thrill of battle from the eyes of a spectator sitting in the cheap seats of the Championian Colosseum as you attempt to discern what's going on.
Tons of Lore to Ignore
Each hero in Battle of Fate has no less than six volumes of lore to read during loading screens. Be thoroughly enthralled by beautiful artwork and pages of fascinating text you can't concentrate on because your teammates are yelling things at each other while the game loads. 
One Exhilarating Game Mode
Battle of Fate features that one thrilling game mode you know an love. Completely ignore working together with your team to destroy the other team's thingamabob as you instead focus on farming to up your metagame stats.
A Single Captivating Map
Why put resources into variety when nobody wants it anyway? To simplify things, Battle of Fate features only one map, because nobody likes the fun and strategy involved in multiple maps. What does it look like? Who cares! It's got three lanes, and that's all you need to know.
An Exciting Pay-to-Win System
Everyone can play Battle of Fate for free and get access to one epic hero per year. But for only $5.99 per hero per match, you can choose from the full roster! About to die in the middle of a match? Refill your health for $2.99! Want to instantly level up to max? Only $9.99 per game! Tired of grinding? Use real money to buy fake money that you can use in slot machine to gamble on items you don't want. Like skins? We've got 50 skins per character for only $1.99 each, exclusively in the microtransaction shop. There's no other way to get them! Tired of losing? Cut the enemy's score in half for only $19.99. Each subsequent purchase per game comes at a 2% discount! If your purchase causes the other team to lose, we'll even throw in a bonus 10 in-game gold, good for a 1/4 discount on health packs.
For your convince, your character becomes invincible while browsing the in-game shop so you can relax while you make your purchasing decisions.
Sign Up For The Beta Today!
Sound exciting? You can sign up for the ongoing beta right now and help shape the future of Battle of Fate: Heroes of Championia before the game launches in 2026!

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