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Seven AAA iPhone Games Without Compromise



So I thought I’d take the time to make a list about a platform that tons of people own, but have never looked at it much like a true gaming console, because let’s face it, most of the games are either too fucking stupid and simple; designed for the basic everyday idiot, like Flappy Bird. Or they're too much for the platform it’s on, like Street Fighter IV.

In this line up it’s basically going to consist of games that, I find, actually worked on the iPhone platform while maintaining the intuitiveness and solidity of a console release. That means games that feel like that there wouldn’t be any significant improvement on a platform with buttons.

Most people on Android, assuming their phone doesn’t crash or act up, can enjoy a couple of these games too. I’m going to be mentioning all the other platforms in the summaries but remember, this list is aimed at people who want quality gaming on the iPhone, without carrying around a toy in public and without a compromise in quality.

Another thing, I don’t really have a particular order here, but I’m going to be saving my personal choice for best example last.

Let get started and make sure to watch the videos,


We’ll start out with Bastian, this game managed to take an epic console adventure and perfectly replicate the console experience on the go. Admittedly, there might be a bit too much detail on screen, maybe, I don’t know. But the game is super accurate and it’s a great choice for people who want polish on the go.

Bastion is pretty much for everything but Android. Steam, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS Vita

Super Hexagon

Maybe I should have put this as my number one but whatever. This game is a blunt example of everything can be done right in gaming. Super easy to pick up and play and hard to master, exactly what we’re looking for over here. This game actually doesn’t do any better on any other platform, arguably the touchscreen may be the best option here.

Super Hexagon can also be found on Android, Steam, Blackberry and even Linux


Extreme solid controls and an excellent Metroidvania with amazing music. This game is fantastic game design and as far as I can tell, Terry Caranagh is becoming my favorite western developer, hands down. This game just does it right on all four corners. It managed to have that intensity of Super Hexagon while maintaining simplicity and opening the world to Metroid style game too.


VVVVVV is also on Android, Steam, Nintendo 3DS, Vita and even Ouya, Open Pandora and Linux. 

Monument Valley

I’m not the first one to say that Monument Valley is one of the best games on iPhone and admittedly its bit on the hipster casual side but fuck it. Monument Valley is straight up art.

Monument Valley is also on Android and Windows Phone.

Leo's Fortune

Here’s a game that has very reasonable controls and just good level design for the platform it’s rocking. The production value is simple stunning and the game doesn’t feel like it’s compromising anything. It oddly makes me think of what would happen if Kirby’s Adventure were to fuck Donkey Kong Country and have a kid. Go check it out. 

You can also get Leo’s Fortune on Android, Windows Phone, PS4 and Xbox One

Lunar Silver Star Story

Not enough people know about Lunar Silver Star Story. Well, here’s your chance. There’s definitely something about Lunar that just gets it. It’s an RPG that doesn’t have you looking around and wondering what the overall message is. The game is just in-your-face let’s go on an adventure and play do a turn based RPG. Absolutely nothing is lost in the iPhone version and it may just be the easiest version to play through out of shear convenience.

Lunar is also on PS one most popularly but expensive. There’s also the original Saturn version for the 3 people that care and there's a remake on the PSP.


Until I played Kero Blaster, I didn't know that intense platforming could be done on the iPhone. This game serves as a spiritual successor to Cave Story, made by the same man called, Pixel. The game is absolutely amazing; It has everything. There are power ups, upgrades to collect, interesting enemy types, an awesome style and original Cave Story-esque music. I'm very surprised that there's no version for another handheld platform like the 3DS but like I said, they've managed to work wonders with the touch screen controls. I think it’s the best one on this list and everyone should be downloading this.

KeroBlaster is also on Steam but I think it would be almost a disservice on that platform… not sure it works.


Now, you have about 6-7 solid titles you can play without carrying aroud a dorky oversized 3DS.You can play all these AAA titles on the go, with a sleak device, on the fly and without compremise. Personally, I love the iPhone, I think it gets too much heat, probably because it's mainstream but the device is able to do some pretty impressive games if the developers know what they're doing. 

Ultimately, People can say whatever they want about it, it's a whole lot better than that fucking snake game we were limited to from back in the day.  

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