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Initiation Station: Happy Faces


Initiation Station


There I was thinking I had missed this month's topic. When I got word that it was still active. Which is great, because now I get to share this with yous.

The FOB events keep me coming back to MGSV and while having a few minutes spare I decided to change my avatar. Having just watched Chain Reaction (1996) on SyFy before playing I thought shall I make Keanu Reeves? Morgan Freeman? Keanu would have to be Speed era because of the hairstyle limitations, but Morgan was good to go. Ergo.


Morgan Freeman.

Who needs Gordon when you have Morgan. I'm right you know.

Nelson Mandela?



Then it began. What else? What else can I do?! Observe.

Old Snake MGS 4.


Christopher Walken.

This took forever for me to be near happy with it. I still tinker with it from time to time.

A View To A Kill.

Bruce Willis.

It's not very good. Neither was Hudson Hawk.

Ben Kingsley.

It's fun running around and yelling 'I'm the Mandarin' with guns blazing.

Tom Cruise.


Matt Damon.

I saw this online and had to do my own version. Matt. Damon.

Dtoid Staff.

Because they're worth it. Here comes the science.

(Basically anyone with anime hair and/or glasses was ruled out, so sorry if you didn't make the cut. No favourites.)

Steven Hansen

Steven Hansen?

Dammit, Steven, you had to be awkward and not work properly.


Jonathan Holmes.

Young Jonathan Holmes (the one with abs).

Was really fun blowing shit up as Holmes.

Darren “Lil' Nak” Nakamura.

Not great, yeah, but I struggled with details from the black and white avatar photos on Dtoid.

Jordan Devore.

After realising there is no glasses or way to simulate specs I decided not to bother with any other four-eyed fecker. (I wear specs, too, so not racist.)

I shop'd some specs on him.


Niero 'Hefe' Gonzalez.

The Godfather himself in happy mode...

and spam-killing mode.

Spam defeated. Again not so great likeness but hey.


Chris “Cyborg” Carter.

I made his jaw too wide. I started getting tired adjusting shit. Sorry.

Mike “Haggar” Martin.

He will Phil you in, son.

He just beat Belger then left to have a threesome with Poison and Roxy.

Me, with make up.



This blog is dedicated to Elsa.

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