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Atlus to remove Jack Frost as mascot to not offend snowmen


Earlier today, the company known as Atlus decided to remove Jack Frost as their mascot after massive protests outside their offices ended with 268 snowmen melting in the hot California sun.

"This is a travesty" said a local cop."So many snowmen lives lost, you see so many disturbing things on the force but this beats them all by a mile. So many carrot noses and coal eyes litter the street now." Cleanup is scheduled later today.

The uproar was started when a snowman rights activist known as Frosty said on his snowmen rights blog "For years this disturbing company has mocked the name of all snowmen by portraying us as cold, heartless killers who get a joy out of killing. But no more!!! This mockery has to end now." Comparing the mascot to snowface acts of the 1920's and those Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin made morbid snowmen sculptures.

When asked about the Virtual Boy game Jack Bros, Frosty said "That game is nothing more than tokenism and besides, Jack Skelton was the best choice no matter what." Frosty then scheduled a protest outside of Atlus' Irvine, CA building, not calculating how hot it is in California. All of the protesters were dead by sunrise.

To honor their wishes, Atlus, who's known for the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona games, changed their mascot to the Hamburgular after purchasing it from McDonalds, who didn't want it anymore. One representive from Atlus said "They also offered us the Grimace but we weren't that desperate". It is unknown if Jack Frost will be edited out of Persona 5 or Shin Megami Tensei IV Final.

We tried to contact Dr. Victor Fries and Santa Claus for comment but neither one responded back.

- Dick pics for all.

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