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Nintendo NX to include HD DVD drive?


Nintendo today announced a major component of their next generation machine, currently codenamed NX: a HD DVD drive.  In an unprecedented move, it will allow consumers the freedom to play DVD discs for the first time on a Nintendo home console, alongside offering a high definition storage format for games, and, of course, the option to play HD DVD movie discs.

Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer for Nintendo of America said, "Nintendo has been taking the names of our competitors for years.  In an exclusive deal with Toshiba, underwritten by Microsoft, the HD DVD drive will ensure Nintendo stays away from the costly arms race that defines our competitors in the hardware space.  We will repurpose inventory from Microsoft in the form of HD DVD drives, alongside hundreds of millions of blank discs from Toshiba, to offer our customers real value in the console space.  As such, the NX will launch at GBP £99 in the UK, USD $125 in the US and EUR 199 in many other territories."

In a press release offering further details the NX will actually follow the same shrunken form factor of the Wii and Wii U.  Straight out of the box will be the Microsoft HD DVD drive with a replaced drive cover (artist's rendering below).  It will come with a Microsoft Wii Remote and will use the 256MB of on-board memory for save games.  Nintendo Network support will be via the white Xbox wireless adapters (b/g) that most people sold once the n version came out - but availability is not yet confirmed.


When contacted for comment, Mark Marcus from Greenpeace said: "We applaud Nintendo's approach towards recycling vintage electronics waste and 'upcycling' it in this fashion.  We imagine the planned 250% profit margins will ensure everyone at Nintendo has a green Christmas!"

Neither UK retailers GAME, Amazon nor hmv would confirm that they had ordered in additional stock to anticipate the demand for copies of Peter Jackson's King Kong on HD DVD.

Questions still remain over what form the controller will take, and it is hoped more details will come out at E3 2016, or in a Nintendo Direct broadcast planned for the week before E3.

Bryan Langley wishes you a happy belated April Fool's.

- This is the end, friend.

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