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What a Fantabulous Birthday!! Thank you Dtoid!

My new PS Vita arrived early, (last night) and just in time for my Birthday today and I"m quite excited! (about the Vita... not turning 54!)  To make my Birthday even better, it falls on a weekend, so no radiation treatments today, and to top everything off, it is a lovely sunny day today!  I'm just over halfway through my radiation treatments and the side effects haven't been pleasant (and they so nicely inform me that they'll only get worse), but gaming has kept me sane.  I can play my PS4 when I'm home and distract myself, but I'm finding that I'm having issues sleeping (because I often fall asleep during the day now) and it will be awesome to be able to roll over and grab a portable system and  distract myself without having to get up and go fire up my PS4.  It will also be wonderful to have something to pass the time while waiting on the many medical appointments that seem to pile up.  The daily radiation appointments aren't so bad and are fairly quick, but often I have to hang around the hospital because of other appointments to see the various specialist involved or have scans or tests done on my lab rat body so now I'll have something to help pass the time!  I've tried the remote play... and OMG!  It works really well so I can even continue my PS4 game!  I'm currently playing Fallout 4... and I have to say that it's an interesting experience with all the references to radiation while currently going through radiation treatments... radaway FTW!  
I was originally going to give the PS Vita to my local cancer agency when I was done with it... but Sony does not make things easy and apparently using my own account and a different account is somewhat difficult on the Vita. (I actually created a disposable email and set up an account named BCCA_Guest... for BC Cancer Agency Guest to buy the games on)  As my husband has pointed out, I  guess I also have to face the fact that after the radiation I will be traveling to Vancouver every 3 months for follow ups on one pre-cancerous area (it's a 3 hour trip each way, my local city doesn't have the equipment or expertise) and I will still be having minor surgeries to do biopsies every 3 to 6 months on the other areas (the only accurate way to diagnose invasive cancer).  When or if any of these "in situ" cancers turn invasive, the only remaining option is the pelvic exenteration surgery which means a long hospital stay... when I'll really need that Vita!!  In the end, I"m gonna be greedy... I'm going to keep the Vita and games for myself! (though if I end up having the major surgery within the next year, I may donate the Vita when I'm done... I"m keeping the option open).
Once again, a massive thank you to those at Dtoid who decided it would be nice to get me a portable gaming system and donated their hard earned money to give me this "extra" that I don't need... but makes a huge difference in my current life.  There is some money left over, and it is being held by Dtoid for some future charitable use.  I'm having fun checking out the new system, though the drugs I'm on make my mind somewhat fuzzy at times.. which I guess isn't a massive change! LOL! 
Anyway, I can tell that I'm starting to drift off again, so I'll end this blog here by simply saying that I'm still somewhat in a state of shock that so many people would just decide out of the blue to do something so kind and wonderful for someone they mostly only know through words typed on a screen (or yelled into a mic, or the few people that met me at PAX).  I've always found that gamers are good people... and Dtoid gamers are the best of those good people!
Thank you again so much... I had almost forgotten about my Birthday what with feeling kinda miserable and all the medical stuff going on... but the fates had other ideas and it's turned out to be a wonderful day!  I loves you all! 
(and now I'm gonna go have a snooze because my hubby is buying pizza for dinner... which I'll probably regret later given the diet restrictions I"m on... and we're gonna curl up and watch Daredevil on Netflix... again, all round, it's a great day to turn 54) :)
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