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(NVGR) Walking Dead Season 6 finale death predictions


I've been a fan of the Walking Dead since I bought the very first printing of the very first issue straight of the rack back in 2000-whatever. Though I ended up letting a friend borrow that issue who promptly lost it, I still have issues #2-#8 in pretty good condition. I also had a letter printed in one of those issues (maybe #6?), so I may be a bit biased towards the whole I.P. It's been in my life for a lot of years now, and that attachment may cause me to be a bit more forgiving towards the show when it leans into more hackneyed and/or cornball territory. 

Anyway, Walking Dead is on my mind right now, and I have ten minutes to kill, so lets talk about who might die tomorrow! [Watch out for spoilers about the comic]

Glenn: Chance of death 90%

Anyone who's kept up with the comics knows that Glenn died in issue #100 at the hands of the series game-changer Neagan. From a narrative perspective, it made sense to kill Glenn here, as his death symbolized the passing of any semblence of the "old world" and the ethics/morality/social contract that used to make sense in civilized humanity. In the comics, Neagan represents the confirmation that in this new world, evil douchbags really do rise to the top, and guys like Glenn don't have a chance in the long run. In the show, they've done even more to drive this point home, while building up sentimentality towards Glenn and Maggie in the process. Any time someone in The Walking Dead starts building up "sentimentality currency" with the audience, without any major moral/ethical conflicts on the horizon for their character, chances are that they're going to die soon. Glenn's conflicts have all more or less been resolved at this point, and compared to most of the show's other beloved figureheads, he doesn't likely bring in views in the same way. If they kill of Michonne, Daryl, or Carol, hundreds of thousands of people will likely stop watching the show. Though Glenn is a well loved character, he's not exactly the main reason people tune in these days, so his value to both the story and to the appeal of the show is probably not equal to how much value his death might carry

Daryl: Chance of death 10%

I've been saying that Daryl's story has felt over ever since he killed off his racist-turned-martyr brother Merle, but he seems more popular than ever these days, so I doubt he'll die anytime soon. He does apparently have as new solo show in the works, but that may just mean he can only appear in 5 or so episodes of Walking Dead a season, which won't likely hurt the show's rating much. They've also gone out of their way to build up his feelings of hate and resentment towards Dwight, the second in command of Neagan's gang. Whenever a character in The Walking Dead feels something, chances are that the plan is to give them reason to have a struggle around that feeling in a 4-14 epiosdes time, so I won't at all be surprised if Dwight later double crosses Neagan as he did in the comics, and Daryl has to struggle between the logical plan to work with him versus how much he wants to kill him. Probably more importantly, the show's ratings would drop for sure if Daryl died, so they won't do it.

Carol: Chance of death 15%

The show's writers have done a great job at keeping Carol's character evolving over the past few seasons, and I'm guessing that they aren't quite out of ideas for her yet. That said, the show could probably live without her just fine, and her current character arc hasd her primed for some grand, heroic self sacrificing death. That saod, shances are a lot higher that she'll end up throwing viewers a curveball by joining Neagan's group. Right now, her character wants to survive without any emotional attachments, because those attachements always force her to end up murdering somebody. What better place to deal with both of those issues than by joing a group of awful jerks who'll do all the murdering for you? You won't get attached to anyone, and you won't have to kill anybody either. If that's the road she goes down, she'll almost definitely end up influencing Dwight to betray Neagan and will eventually rejoin the gang, but only if the actress who plays her doesn't quit the show and become the next Meryl Streep. You never know.

Morgan: Chance of death 50%

Morgan is definitely dying soon. I'm just not so sure it's going to be in tomorrow's episode. His character has served its purpose to the larger story. He's reminded Rick that all human life is precious, even douch bag life. He built a jail for Neagan to live in after Rick wins the war. Unlike in the comic, he's not dating anyone and has no real dynamic/conflict/attachement to anyone other than Rick. He's primed and ready to die. Still, I think they may save that death for sometime next season, along with Abraham and Gabriel. I could go either way on that though. Killing him tomorrow would also make sense in a lot of ways. I guess we'll see tomorrow!

Rick: Chance of death 25%

Is Rick anyone's favorite character on the show anymore? Does his character represent anything unique at this point, or does Michonne more or less share take up the same space in the cast that he does? Now that Michonne is basically Carl's acting adopted mom, I'm not sure that Rick is really necissary to move the story forward anymore. I also don't think that many people would stop watching if he died. If anything, his death may pull in lapsed fans who felt the show was getting to predictable, as it would signal to the audience that there are truly no "un-killable" characters on the show. We know that Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman planned on killing Rick a while back in the comics, but pulled out in part because he was afraid it would throw the readers off too much. With the show, Kirkman has gotten to go back to the stories he wrote in the comics years ago and try things in new, sometimes improved ways. Maybe he thinks that killing off Rick is the best way to show Neagan for the truly terrifying, killer of the un-killable character that he is, and Glenn will get to stick around for a little longer. I'm not counting on it, but I wouldn't be that surprised either. 

OK, that's it out of me! How about you? Who do you think will die in the show tomorrow, and why?

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