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Beta impressions: DOOM


Yes today I finally get to talk doom. Some server issues prevented me from playing yesterday, but today I finally was able to get my ass kicked online, and got it kicked I have. So is worth getting hyped for the release or should you pass on DOOM 2016? Here is what I think,...

Note: I'm sorry for the low res pictures, these looked fine at first in edit ut tuned out quit bad. I'm looking for a better altenative to screencap for future posts.

Before we start I want to say for full disclosure that I haven’t played any of the previous DOOM titles and as a result want have to nostalgic bias towards it a lot of others may have. But did I enjoy it? Short answer, yes. So if you just came to see if it’s any good, it sure is.

So let’s start with customisation. This may very well be my favourite part of the game. It’s a lot deeper than most games I’ve seen recently. It seems very well fleshed out and you’ll be able to lose yourself in it for multiple hours trying to create the ultimate bad ass to tear up the battlefield, or if you’re like me, to die In style.

Let’s begin with armour customisation. Armour is divided in the Helmet, Torso, Left and right arm, and the legs. For each of these you are able to unlock different pieces of armour, give them patterns with different colours, and place scratches and dirt. The last one especially caught my eye as I haven’t really seen anything similar before. Under the details slot you have sliders for both scratches and dirt which allow you to wear out your suit in a very realistic way, definitely a big fan of that feature.

Weapon customisation is handled similarly.  The guns are divided in 2 zones. Both of them can be coloured with patterns with ones again two different colours. Further you can colour certain accents on the guns and add scratches and dirt to your own liking. The only thing that was sort of disappointing in the customisation was that you can’t really customise the shape of the weapons or armour pieces in any way. Or at least not as far as I’ve been able to explore it. But I’ve still seen some people with some pretty bad ass designs.

But how is the gameplay? It’s a pretty MLG game in my opinion. There are no Iron sights, Instead guns have an alternative fire under mouse button 2. This could be making your rockets explode in mid-air our shooting a ball of plasma,… Also there is no regenerating health or reloading in the game. Everything is replenished through means of pick-ups. I’m definitely all for this system. At times it feels like you’re playing an extremely well graphically overhauled classic FPS, and although I don’t think my K/D has ever been positive, It’s still extremely thrilling every time your facing off with you super shotgun against your opponent.

This leads me to my next point, weapon balancing. As far as I’ve seen each and every weapon is extremely deadly in capable hands. Nothing really stood out to me as OP, although it seems like the machine gun and plasma rifle are only there to fill in for your primary when you’re fighting on terms they can’t handle. Example, lengthy corridors for the shotgun or medium range for the rocket launcher. Only the lightning gun seemed like it was nerfed a bit recently, as it didn’t seem to really fit in with the DpS provided by other guns.

Now you won’t be fighting with your guns alone. Every once and a while a demon rune will spawn, and this is where things get really interesting. Acquiring one of these runes transforms you into an over powered demon, as of yet I’ve only seen one demon, but the menu where you can select which one you wat to play suggests there are more to choose from later on. Playing as a demon can transform even cannon fodder like me in to a killing machine.

Now these runes may bring some concerns to mind. Are the levels designed well enough to keep these balanced. The answer is yes, level design would be the best thing about the game if I wasn’t such a sucker for customization. Although aesthetically the levels can feel somewhat samey. There all fairly dark, lots of fiery glow on the surfaces,… Not saying that’s a bad thing though, it definitely has something appealing. Although I’ve only seen 2 or 3 maps, Can’t be sure. But that’s probably just a restriction for the beta.

But the beta also brings a couple of concerns. The amount of guns in the beta is only 6. However these are 6 very different guns, I hope for some extra additions there at launch. But we’ve already seen the chainsaw in the trailer so I have a good feeling about it.

The amount of play modes. Right now I’ve only seen 2 different modes. TDM and warpath. Warpath is by far the most fun. It would best be described as a sort of king of the hill, with the hill moving throughout the map, which leads to some very dynamic gameplay.

The amount of maps and diversity in the maps. I’ve seen only 2 maps in the beta so I am expecting there to be more in the full release although I’m also hoping for more aesthetic variation.

Server issues. These are obviously a part of every beta experience, but with the current trend of games launching in an absolutely broken state, I hope they take the time to thoroughly  fix these, and give us a smooth release.

Single player. We haven’t really seen a whole lot of unscripted single player. It is BETHESDA, and I have quit a lot of respect for their company so I have they completely swing it out of the park on that part to.

So these where my impressions of the beta, I look forward to hearing what you guys think about it as well. But in my opinion it’s okay to get at least mildly hyped for this title. Do I advise pre ordering it? Fuck no, but then again I’ll never do so as think that would be a fairly anti-consumer thing to do. But yeah keep an eye on this one.

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