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Video Games and Music


It's a good thing

Hey Destructoid, it's yo girly girl Blaze again with another 'weekly' blog. Okay okay...I missed my Sunday quota, I'M SORRY. I've had a very..busy Easter Weekend full of all sorts of fun activities. Anyway, I want to talk about video games and music today, and how they are both a match made in heaven. 

I seriously love video games. Just as a general statement here; I mean where else do you get artwork, gaming, culture, music, story, all of the above in one complete package? Sure, there are plenty....good and...bad examples, but generally I love video games for the vast sense of culture that they bring to the table. It's refreshing and it's fun. 

Much of music culture today is all about sex, drugs, and partying. It just is. Music that is composed for instruments however, is a bit more rare and harder to come by. Much of music composition these days goes into film scores, as we see with the great John Williams and many others. Sometimes we see artists like Paul Mccartney step into the scene (as he helped with Destiny) and even Michael Jackson (whom helped create the score for Sonic The Hedgehog 3). 

Play me in keyboard cat

Some franchises just wouldn't be the same without music. Almost every single Nintendo franchise is distinguishable because of it's trademark chiptunes. Could you think of Mario without that theme? Zelda?? Donkey Kong Country??? I mean the music is what helped make these games not only superb, but memorable and meaningful. Nothing gets me more pumped to enter Dracula's Castle in Super Castlevania (IV) then that initial music in the beginning of the game. Hearing Aerith's theme still brings back all the fond memories of her special conversations with Cloud and all the moments they shared together...I mean video games and music really are like peanut butter and jelly....and bananas...and chocolate sauce....and doritos....

Final Fantasy is a franchise that has great music in all of it's titles, and I couldn't imagine experiencing them any other way without it. While I still have a lot of catching up to do with games in the series, I know that ALL of the PSX titles had great music, and really helped me to connect with the characters and the plotline of the story. Halo, the notorious fps, wouldn't be the same without the chanting and rock music that had given it it's original identity. Sure, the games themselves are always noted for their solid gameplay and graphics...but what about that soundtrack? What about the music that sets the tone, pacing, and overall appeal of the game? Let me ask you this...do you honestly think your experience would be any better without it??

I went to the Zelda: Symphony of The Goddesses concert this past weekend, and the show was absolutely phenomenal. I've never been a super crazy Zelda fan, but once I was in there and the music started to play, I felt all of the emotions that I experienced throughout my time playing the franchise. It was a real nostalgic rush to say the least, and it only proved to me just how powerful music really is and what it means to me. I love playing video games and I love music too. What about you, what games do you think are identifiable by their musical score, and why?

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