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Fucking Do It Nintendo


Everyone’s rooting for you, Nintendo. We don’t know why you’re standing still.

As we look at the landscape of gaming, you own it. Your competitor may have the market and the hardware but the game design, innovation and technique resides exclusively in the one and only Nintendo.

What’s great about you is your willingness to innovate against the tide of the mainstream. To deliberately do what is right, not necessarily for the times, but for gaming.

It’s for that reason why there can only be one master race, if any, and that is Nintendo.

I write this now because the more I watch the video game story unfold, the more it becomes obvious that the time is now to unleash your full ability. I have always stood by your steadfast principled innovation while downplaying the significance of the mainstream approach but please understand that now is the time for both. We need to get back to the days of the Super Nintendo. You’ve heard from everyone else and now you’re hearing it from me.

We need to get back to a console that duplicates the appeal of the generic hardware found in something like the Xbox all the while innovating in other regards. The key is combining both audiences and titles present on the Wii, all the while allowing other companies, like EA or Squareenix to publish games on engines that represent an industry standard. The concept of combining all Nintendo, indie and major 3rd parties in one console can finally wrap up this video industry and declare Nintendo the victor but it simply has to be done.

I have been watching patently but the amount of content that the mainstream is missing out on is almost criminal at this point. There’s about five games on the Wii U that are probably top of their class but they simply need exposure. Just look at Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for example and compare this to anything found on PS or Xbox and its just ridiculous. This, is even considered a ‘weaker’ but pretty much smokes anything I’ve played on the PS4 and Xbox One. That being said, the jump to convince people who already own a PS4 to then buy a Wii U, those who dismiss the console as typical Mario/Nintendo, is extremely difficult.

People look at Nintendo and immediately think, “Mario”. Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Mario 3D world etc. On the face, the console basically looks like it always has. Gamecube, Wii etc. People are presuming, they’ve already been there and despite all the lesser pronounced masterpieces like Bayonnetta 2 existing on the Wii U, they’ll never know them because they’ll never have a chance to exist in that world.

What we need is a console that can expose the great triple A titles from Nintendo with the solid mainstream games like Division and combine the whole of the video game industry together. Everyone knows this and no one says anything. Deep down, we all know that this would be the best case scenario for the video game industry. I can’t speak for everyone, but me personally, I feel like I’m compromising with my PS4 and as the war marches on between the PS4 and the Xbox, and we play this game of back and fourth between consoles that are essentially the same, we all know how it could end tomorrow if Nintendo made the right console.

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