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Should you trust Movie Critics? PLUS New Gamer Name


Afternoon, morning, evening, wherever you are from,

There have been many movies released within the last twelve months, or even the last six months for that matter, where movies have been harshly criticised or been given great reviews despite the fact that the movie was terrible. To give out one example would be Furious 7. Yes, I have been a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise for years, but this movie did not cut it for me. I personally felt that the movies have been going more and more over the top with each sequel, and to know the fact that they are doing not only an eighth film, but two more sequels after that, really makes me question whether I should still be a fan of the franchise.

You might think I'm going to say Batman v Superman, but I haven't seen the movie yet. Many people know I am not a big fan of the Transformers film series, apart from the first trilogy. Now I know every movie past the first one received bad reviews, but Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon), I didn't actually have a problem with that movie. Sure it had its downsides (eg. Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who was performing in her first movie), but it wasn't an appalling movie, like the fourth one. I personally enjoyed watching the Autobot/Decepticon side of the movie much more than the human side. But even though they are doing a Bumblebee-centered movie in the future, they should have just made the movies about the Transformers themselves, and not so much about the human characters. And I heard just recently that they are doing not only next years Transformers 5 (whatever it is going to be named as), but they are doing the Bumblebee-based Transformers 6 and a Transformers 7. Personally, they should just make one movie, see how it goes, THEN decide on the sequel.

In reality, there are definitely some movie critics that you should trust (eg. IMDb), but then there are others you definitely should NOT trust (eg. Rotten Tomatoes), because critics are very harsh on movies these days, and for a movie like Batman v Superman, it seems as though they have been walking into the cinemas disappointed, expecting the movie to be bad and walking out not feeling any better. And that is all I have got to say about that.

Now, as you guys know, I decided to take a lengthy hiatus to focus on my final year of studies, and I thought that it would be beneficial to reboot all my entertainment stuff after more than two and a half years. With this reboot, I am hoping to return to posting blogs once a month, with additional posts being released during certain periods of the year more often than normal (eg. Easter, Spring Holidays and Christmas), but I felt it was the right time to change the name of RadicalAjax Entertainment to XPLZN Enterprises. Sure, you can call it a weird name, but I really wanted to phase out of RAE into something better, and I am already planning stuff for XPLZN through not only the end of this year, but well into next year too. I decided to change this name, because I was getting a little worried that Radical Entertainment (owned by Activision) were going to get up my ass for copyright. I wanted to change the name from RAE to XPLZN, because no one has used the word XPLZN in their gamertag (if you don't know already, its a shortened version of Explosion).

Last month, I also made it to a year since I began posting stuff on Destructoid.com, and it has now been a year since I stopped posting stuff on IGN.com, and I want to make things perfectly clear. I am going to stick around with Destructoid for the long haul. You guys are friendly people, and it seems only right that I do stick around because I love to talk about general entertainment, and I'm sure you guys do, and what pisses me off is that communities on other websites only feel like talking about video games, and whilst this website is about video games, I'm happy with the fact that you guys talk about a whole range of things, including movies, TV, comic art, comics in general, even cosplays. Funny enough, I managed to see a post this morning regarding digital homicide. But I'll leave it that to avoid dragging this post out for too long.

What are your opinions on critic's reviews? Are they being fair in their decisions? Or are they being too harsh? Be sure to let me know as I'll discuss this topic a bit more down the line.



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