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G4 Fails at E3

There really is no two ways to say it -- G4 flat out fails at covering the new E3. I, because of some travel issues at home, was forced to watch the Microsoft Press Conference from the comfort of my own couch. I had the 1UP stream on the PC, while G4 aired the Press Conference LIVE from Santa Monica. The first half-hour was all Geoff Keighley, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb theorizing what we can expect. Watching this, you couldn't help but feel bad for Adam and Morgan, because they are far, far too intelligent to be working at G4. Geoff at least can escape to Spike TV and Game Head.

So after about a half-hour of them talking about this and that, the Press Conference finally started. All is well. The Bottom Line feature at the bottom is pretty cool, in case you missed anything. But then, in the middle of the damn Press Conference, G4 cuts to commercial.

...what the hell? Who cuts to commercial during a PRESS CONFERENCE?! This wasn't the only time they did this during the event, either. Throughout all three conferences, G4 cut away from the actual conference to air bad Collins College and Code Monkey commercials. The timing of these awful commercials were even worse: During the MS Conference, they cut to commercial during previews for two of the biggest titles in the Microsoft library, in both Halo 3 AND Mass Effect.

I think that sums up everything right there. G4, the network that had once billed itself as a network for gamers, and now bills itself as a network for nerds, just doesn't get it.

Let me know what y'all think.
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