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Sony Sold Me

I have been a Microsoft fanboy since day one of the Xbox 360's life cycle. When the PS3 came out, I was amongst the first to professionally and personally attack the console for it's many failings that, to this day, are apparent to all but the most avid of Sony fanboys (I.E. Bligmerk).

However, after watching the Sony Press Conference, I think I may have been sold on the console. The improvements they've made to Home were most impressive, including their resolution of the main issue I had with the service, which was the ability to launch games from inside Home. In addition, the line-up of games showed me that Sony, at least in part, has remedied the nagging question of "Where're all the games?"

Games like Haze and SOCOM have impressed me, but the game that really stole the show (to me) was, of course, Killzone 2. If they don't completely screw it up, I could see Killzone 2 being the Halo killer that the original Killzone was hyped to be. In fact, the only way I can think of that Killzone 2 would screw this up was if you had to use the face buttons (Square, Triangle, X and O) to move your character.

The PS2 crap didn't really get me goin' all that much. I've most past the PS2, although it did help cement the universal truth that the PS2 will never, ever die. The PSP announcements didn't do much for me, either. A Star Wars PSP. Yippee-effing-Skippy!

There are a few gripes I have about the Sony Press Conference. Jack Tretton appeared to be waging a one-man-war on charisma, and the whole "OMG were in home!!1 lolz!" running gag got on my nerves. But really, when those are your primary gripes, you're pretty set.

Overall, I'd give the Sony Press Conference an A-, while the Microsoft Conference gets a B+. The Nintendo Press Conference, on the other hand... C-, and I'm being generous.
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