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the story of an fps


When people ask me what games I like to play, I always reply with FPS. Oh, so like Call of Duty? Nope,… Halo? Nah. Battlefield? Meh,… and then just smile when you see the confusion in their eyes. The games that I love, are an uncommon bunch, I like the story driven FPS, so that’s what I’m going talk about today, so prepare yourself for that, or grab a drink or do whatever it is you do before you read a lengthy C-blog.

An FPS, delicious first person carnage, stunning graphics and just relaxing while you tear up the battlefield with an extremely overused SCAR-H or M4. Now don’t get me wrong, this is definitely in line with what I consider to be a good time. However, I really need more then constant slaughter to keep me going.

As much as I do love crushing my enemies online and leaving them broken in a puddle of blood and a 5 second respawn, Ican never really help but tire of it after a while. This usually seems to be the case when there is just no narrative reason for me the keep playing. I need the incentive to hate my opponents, or maybe to care for the people I’m doing this escort mission for. This is a point games still seem to neglect way to often. While I do appreciate the amazing graphics, complex game mechanics, highly realistic physics engines, etc. these companies never seemt to give me a reason to play through it.

The story, is in my opinion the FPS’s most overlooked feature,and is a such what I desire the most. Maybe it’s just me wanting what I can’t have, so if you want to psychoanalyse me, go for it. But the games in the shooter department that I love most are not the Call of Duties, Battlefields, Halos, etc. no it’s the games that offer what these big titles can’t seem to do. Story! I wished these games took some lessons from games like spec ops: the line, space marine, uncharted, etc.(note how their is no FPS on this little list) These games are so amazing, in my opinion, because the made me hate my enemies, or even myself in case of spec ops: the line, the story motivates you to keep playing, and even when it’s over it leaves you wanting more.

This could be so effective in an FPS as you are directly in the action, not just a spectator. Just imagine having to make the decision to either mow down unarmed civilians or seeing them hang your best friend in first person. Can you feel the emotional impact? There are a few games like Wolfenstein TNO, that make a notable effort, but I wished more games did this. Especially FPSes have no reason not to experiment with it, as they usually have a solid multiplayer mode as a parachute in case it doesn’t work out. I do realise Call of Duty made some notable efforts to add some emotional impact to their campaign, but it’s just not good enough, although good on them for trying.

I just really hope that as graphics start to near photorealism, and game mechanics are perfected, that developers will start to expend narratively as well. Who’s to say, maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but I’m still keeping my hopes up for a story driven FPS. Maybe the new DOOM will be the answer to my prayers, I don’t know, what do you think?

Also to conclude, just today I made a twitter account for myself today, so if you want to give me even more attention then you already have, then you can follow me there. If you don’t want to do that, then you can also follow me there, or not, it’s your life, but I would appreciate it though.

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