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Cblogs of 3/12/16 - Just not in the mood


So Daylight Savings happened, which means we all lost an hour. Curses! While I guess it's inevitable considering that we're going to get one back in a couple of months, I could've used the extra time right now. I'm still behind in Comments of the Week, I'm still struggling with a pet project, and I'm generally just way too stressed out. It also doesn't help that I've had writer's block along with doubts about the direction of the story I'm working on, so all in all I've been super frustrated as well. This is also already on top of me getting really anxious about the future, so all in all... not one of my best weeks, but it's not one of the worst either.

On the gaming front, I started Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright after finishing Conquest, and it's definitely a better way to go in my opinion. Conquest is a bit difficult even on the easiest settings, and personally, when I replay games, I like going from the average difficulty to an easier one. It also helps that I "know" the answers to some of the plot things that gets established in Birthright, but not necessarily explained. I can't say why because of spoilers, but in one vague example, let's just say when one certain character gives another certain character a certain item, I already know what said item is and why it would make the second certain character have a change of heart (whereas you — a.k.a. Corrin — is lost in the dark). Personally, by the time I got to that point in Conquest had I played that game second, I probably would've forgotten about it. 

I tried playing Star Wars Battlefront again, and I still think it's just a spectacle as ever. Sure, the game isn't really in-depth or anything, but as a mindless shooter, it sure is pretty and that's good enough for me. I needed something else to play so I could take a break from Destiny since I've been stuck at 298 Light for the last couple of weeks, so I guess I'm just tired of playing for a CHANCE to get more. That being said, I have been rocking No Land Beyond a bit, and some players even gave me props for handling it so well (which feels a little undeserved, considering some of the headshots weren't intentional). But anyway, back to Battlefront... I guess I must've lost my touch since I'm only performing decently (or all the sucky players stopped playing) but at least I can manage to pull off a killstreak every once in a while.

I also have Street Fighter V, but I've been "too afraid" to play it lately because I suck and I don't really feel like losing all the time. You kinda need to be in the right mindset to handle that, and as you read in the intro, I'm not in the mood for it.

Speaking of things I'm not in the mood for, the Cblog Editor is acting all wonky again. >^<


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- Dreamweaver


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