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Cblogs of 3/5/16 - Only a dream could make me feel so happy and so sad.


First off, let's talk about Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. After finally beating it last night, I have to say that it's a pretty solid game, and I just can't wait to get into Birthright. However, there are a few things about the game that really seemed... off. There was one moment in the game that was so overwrought, melodramatic, and cringe-worthy that I literally wanted to smack the writer for including it, AND the localization team for not looking at the scene and being like "Goddess, that's painful as fuck, let's fix it" (end of Chapter 25). There are also some missions that not only seemed unfair and needlessly difficult, but it also seemed purposely designed to make you lose a unit. As Fenriff once said to me (paraphrased) "the game doesn't play to perserve its units, it's designed to make you lose yours," and after seeing some of the bull I had to put up with, I wholeheartedly agree. Thankfully, on Normal/Casual, I avoided a LOT of stress, though I was THIS close to putting the game on Phoenix Mode just to be done with it.

However, I loved Conquest for the most part. Some of the brutality and plot twists — despite being able to spot a mile away — still kinda hit me in the feels. I'll never forgive the two assholes that you have to fight in Chapter 26, and I made sure to personally killed them myself (or Corrin, whatever). I also just fucking love the cast of characters in Conquest, from the awesome-as-heaven Selena to the murder-happy Peri. Seriously, I don't even know my Birthright bros, and I'm already assuming they won't be as cool as the Conquest crew. Part of that is also because Pixie the Fairy keeps downplaying the Hoshidan homies though. :P

One final thing to note, I decided to buy the Special Edition off eBay. I really, really, REALLY wanted the third path, Revelation, on a game cart, and after emailing Nintendo about whether or not they're planning to reprint it, I decided to just buy it. Although I'm always wary of buying from eBay — as in, this is my very first purchase — the seller is not only highly rated, but he's also the only one to offer a refund in case the game arrives in a poor condition, unlike virutally everyone else.

So, my dream. It's been a while, but I had another dream about this girl I went to high school with. It's been seven years since I've last seen her since she moved away, but damn, the feelings still linger. Now, we never dated or anything. However, she's the closest that I've ever come to THINK that I could love someone, and I always wondered if I would've actually fallen in love had we spent more time together. I mean, part of me knows I'm too young, even now, to know what love is... but damn, did it feel close. I'll probably go into details about her one day if anyone actually cared to know more, but let's just say that we've only known each other for a year, yet I think she's one of the best friends I ever had.

So about the dream... honestly, it was pretty tame. Basically, after not seeing each other for a while, she one day knocked on my door. She told me that she's visiting for a while — I'm guessing this is the "present" despite her looking exactly as she did in high school — and she wanted us to hang out again. Naturally, I said yes, and we went on this short adventure where we roamed around the city until we got bored, then fucking swam to an island to explore (by the way, I don't know how to swim in real life, and I've been in Florida all my life). We played in the forest, threw coconuts at each other while giggling like idiots, then slept on the sand together (no sex) until morning. Then we returned to her place to say goodbye one more time, and "Dream me" felt like this would be the last time we'd ever see each other.

On one hand, it felt great to remember that feeling I get when I hang out with her again. On the other, I fucking hate feeling them. It's like knowing you'll never get to experience them again, so all you can do is just live in the past. I woke up extremely conflicted, and I just had to write something about it.


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