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By now we all played “super hot” or pretend we did, and we’ve all jumped on the bandwagon praising it to high heaven, and loving every second of it. But now,… I’m going to do the same thing. Why? For the attention bruh! But serious though this is how super hot smacks all the focus tested call of duties in the face.

Super, Hot, super, hot, super, hot, how can you not like this game? There are probably a few ways but fuck those exceptions. This game was originally a game jam game as I’m sure many of you already heard and read a hundred times. But more than anything it’s a prime example for how innovation is NOT dead. I’ve written about this before and I’ll probably do so again, but innovation is important. Creativity can sell a game just as well as photorealistic graphics and a million dollar game engine can, although maybe even better than those. Super hot showed that there is room for something new, as long as it innovates, as long as it’s creative and most importantly as long as it’s fun. What these brave developers understood is that we don’t need the same game every year, it’s okay to do something new and thank god it paid off for them.

This is what you get when you take a good idea and create it whit exactly the amount of content it needs, no unnecessary weapons, no pointless padding to drag out the campaign, no forced cut scenes,… Just a good idea that’s well executed. And you know what you’ll get? Money! You’ll make money. Funny to see as how those multimillion-dollar corporations don’t seem to get this, and it’s these small studios that take the cash.  So yeah this is just a small suggestion from an unimportant blogger but, guys it may be time to rethink your business strategy.

But to conclude on a happy note, I couldn’t be more happy this game did well. I really hope this will inspire others to follow their crazy ideas as well. Also it’ll be funny to see Jim struggle with all the super hot clones that are undoubtedly going to show up soon, so that’s going to be a good time. But in the meantime, buy the game, play the game, love the game, or not, I mean, it’s your life, but it would be cool if you did,… Just a suggestion though. So yeah, ciao.

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